Onyx presenta Boox Note air3, l’eNote monocromatico thumbnail

Onyx presents Boox Note air3, the monochrome eNote

ONYX Internationala leader in the production of electronic devices for reading eBooks, expands its offering of E Ink tablets with the new one BOOX Note air3a black and white notebook with E Ink technology designed for distraction-free note-taking.

Here are the two models

The Note air3 series thus offers users the choice between two models: the Note air3 and the Note air3 C, which offer a monochrome or color screen respectively. The Note Air3 is now available for purchase at the official BOOX store and on Amazon.

The screen like paper

BOOX Note air3 boasts a screen E Ink Carta 1200 da 10.3” with a density of 227PPI, offering a clear reading experience and minimizing eye strain. The monochrome display eliminates color distractions and supports 17 ebook formats, ensuring easy access to any material. Designed to improve concentration, this black and white E Ink tablet offers a distraction-free reading experience.

Useful tools for taking notes

Furthermore, as with the other models in the Note series, the BOOX Note air3 also features a paper-like film, replicating the tactile sensation of pen on paper and making the writing experience more realistic. It also offers comprehensive note-taking tools, including keyword search to instantly find relevant notes, the ability to AI convert handwritten notes into editable text, and seamless integration with files or websites related for quick reference.

Lightweight and easy to handle design

BOOX Note air3 also maintains the distinctive slim design of its predecessor, the Note air2 Plus, with a thickness of only 5.8mm. And with a premium aluminum chassis, it exudes elegance and sophistication. Despite its reduced thickness, BOOX Note air3 is light and easy to handle, making it perfect for prolonged use. The good grip also offers a secure hold, making it easy to write or draw effortlessly.

Availability and price

BOOX Note air3 is available on the official store euroshop.boox.com and on Amazon at the list price of €449 with the stylus Pen Plus even. An exclusive bundle with free magnetic case is available only on the official BOOX store.

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