OOONO CO-DRIVER NO2, the premium version of the traffic safety device arrives

OOONO CO-DRIVER NO2, arriva la versione premium del dispositivo di sicurezza del traffico thumbnail

2024 marks a new and significant chapter for OOONO A/S – the Danish tech scaleup developing innovative technological solutions to create a safer daily life – with the arrival of the new OOONO CO-DRIVER NO2 on the Italian market. It is an advanced model, designed thanks to community feedback, which combines functionality and innovation for a safer and more connected driving experience.

OOONO CO-DRIVER NO2 arrives on the Italian market

With beyond 2.5 million units sold throughout Europe and one 300% growth in Italy in 2023, the traffic safety device OOONO CO-DRIVER NO1 has proven to be a valuable ally for motorists, providing crucial information on road dangers and speed cameras. During 2023, OOONO CO-DRIVER NO1 he issued over 459 million alerts and accompanied more than 670 million tripscontributing significantly to creating a safer and more aware driving environment for all motorists.

The launch of the new OOONO CO-DRIVER NO2 it represents not only a step forward in road safety technology but also an ongoing commitment by OOONO A/S to offer cutting-edge products that meet the needs of modern motorists. Already available for purchase on Amazon, where it received a score of 4.6 in user reviews.

The news introduced

Objective of OOONO CO-DRIVER NO2 is to maintain the concentrated drivers when they need it most. The device provides clear audible and visual warnings in presence of speed cameras, road dangers e segnala i speed limits in case of exceeding.

Thanks to the timely signals emitted, the device allows the attention of the driver to be attracted, who has the possibility of controlling the speed and adapting it to the limits imposed or being ready to face any unexpected events on the road. While it works the same way and offers similar benefits to its predecessor, OOONO CO-DRIVER NO2 introduces a series of important innovations as well as a more modern design.

Furthermore, the new model incorporates an innovative approach based on community participation: the new features introduced, in fact, are based on feedback collected through surveys and in-depth interviews which saw the involvement of over 10,000 participants.

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