OpenAI CEO wants rules for AI “like nuclear”

Il CEO di OpenAI vuole regole per l'AI "come per il nucleare" thumbnail

Sam Altmanthe founder and CEO of OpenAI, the company that created ChatGPT, has highlighted the importance of government regulations for artificial intelligence (AI) to “reduce the dangers” that this technology poses. She said it during a hearing in the United States Congress. Adding that the development and use of AI must be based on “democratic values”. And that the role of the United States in this field is “crucial”.

OpenAI, the CEO wants rules for AI “like for nuclear power”

ChatGPT is a software of generative artificial intelligencecapable of producing content – ​​texts, images, sounds or videos – after learning from massive amounts of data. This type of artificial intelligence has attracted a lot of interest. But also concern.

The European Union is working on the world’s first law to regulate AI, AI Act. Which last week received a first green light from the European Parliament. But Altman thinks the United States should have such regulations as well.

As La Repubblica explains, Altman explained, “Artificial intelligence has the potential to improve virtually every aspect of our lives, but it also creates serious risks. One of my biggest fears is that this industry, this technology, could cause significant harm to society. If this technology goes in the wrong direction, can have unpredictable consequences. We want to work with the government to prevent this from happening.”

Altman, born in 1985, recalled that OpenAI, despite being a private company, is controlled by a non-profit organization, “which obliges us to work to spread the benefits of AI and ensure the security of AI-based systems”.

According to the CEO, politics also need to play its part, nationally but also internationally. In particular, he explains that something similar has happened before – in particular with theInternational Atomic Energy Agency.