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OpenAI could launch a new AI-powered search engine

OpenAIthe non-profit organization that revolutionized the field of generative artificial intelligence with its ChatGPT chatbot, is reportedly working on a new project: an AI-powered search engine.

This was revealed by the website The Information, which cited an anonymous source close to the project. If the news were true, OpenAI would be in direct competition with Google (and with the other giants in the sector).

How would OpenAI’s search engine work?

At the moment there is no official information on the project, but we can make some hypotheses. The search engine could act as an extension of ChatGPT (as happens with Bing’s Copilot, which also uses GPT-4). However, it is more difficult for OpenAI to decide to launch the stand-alone service.

In fact the anonymous source stated that OpenAI’s search engine would be based in part on Bing’s technology (which we remember is owned by Microsoft, a partner of OpenAI).

It is worth underlining that OpenAI is not the only company that is experimenting with the use of AI for online searches. In fact, Google also launched a new version of its search engine last year, called Search Generative Experiencewhich uses Artificial Intelligence to return results based on user interests.

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