OpenAI may leave the EU

OpenAI potrebbe lasciare l'UE a causa dei regolamenti sull'IA thumbnail

Sam Altman, CEO at OpenAI, confirmed that his company could leave the EU in the near future due to the new regulations on which the European Union is working to regulate the artificial intelligence sector. Altman confirmed that he has “many concerns” about the EU Ai Act. The company does not intend to divulge details regarding the design of its AI systems.

Could OpenAI leave the EU?

The EU Ai Act will introduce important transparency obligations for companies engaged in the AI ​​sector who will be asked to provide various information regarding the design of their systems as well as the processing of user data. There is also the question ofuse of copyrighted data to train AIs by companies.

The new EU rules they could be particularly sintriguing for AI companies. OpenAI, therefore, is preparing for the hypothesis of leaving the EU as confirmed by Altman to the Financial Times. Over the next few weeks, when the new regulatory framework in the EU will be clearer, OpenAI’s position could become final.

We’ll see what the decisions on the part of the company and other companies specialized in the AI ​​sector will be, which has become increasingly relevant and widespread in recent months. The new European regulation, in any case, is inevitable and will set precise stakes for the whole sector.