Opera launches Aria, AI integrated into the browser

Opera presenta Aria, l'AI integrata al browser thumbnail

Opera launches Aria, its new browser with built-in artificial intelligence. Aria is the fruit of the partnership between Opera and OpenAI, and offers users an innovative way to interact with the web through a chat with AI.

Opera launches Aria, AI integrated into the browser

Everyone is talking about creative artificial intelligence, which promises to change the way we experience the internet. Joanna Czajka, Product Director of Operaexplains: “Artificial intelligence is rapidly changing the way we work, navigate the web and, of course, also the way we think about browsers and the role they can play in users’ online experience”.

The result is Aria it relies on infrastructure Opera Composerwhich allows him to access the GPT model in OpenAI and to integrate live results from the web into your responses. Air is a virtual assistant that can help users find information, generate content or code, and resolve questions about Opera products. And it’s up to date with the latest news from the web, and it’s not just based on pre-2021 data like other GPT-based solutions.

Aria is free and available to Opera desktop users (Windows, MacOS, Linux) e Android. Opera also unveiled Opera One, a revamped version of its browser with a modular design suitable for hosting more generative AI features.

Earlier this year Opera introduced an early ChatGPT integration in its browser sidebar. But the current form of Aria delivers a chat interface that communicates with the user. But Opera explains that it will continue to make the service even more integrated.

Stefan Stjernelund, VP Product, Opera for Android, explains: “With Aria, Opera users have the opportunity to exploit the potential of generative artificial intelligence for free. This is just the beginning, with many more features to come.”