Oppo annuncia il lancio di ColorOS 13, basato su Android 13 thumbnail

OPPO and Spotify together to exploit the potential of ColorOS 13

The new partnership between OPPOamong the leading companies in the smart device sector, and the popular platform Spotify aims to make the most of the new operating system ColorOS 13 based on Android, for a better listening experience. The collaboration comes in the form of smart new features and full integration of the streaming platform on ColorOS 13.

Thanks to this, users can now listen music, podcasts and audiobooks right from the home screen of your OPPO device.

“Our partnership with Spotify represents a new exploration of the potential of our smartphone operating systems,” he said Gary Chen, Head of Software Product di OPPO. “Thanks to the smart, practical functions designed to meet people’s needs, developed with our partners, we want to offer users an even more intelligent and efficient operating system that allows them to spend more time listening to music and interacting with the features that most love on their smartphone. “

All the news of the partnership between Spotify and OPPO for Android ColorOS 13

Spotify Shelf

Spotify homescreen widgets

Spotify AOD Show Control Panel

Spotify Clock

The integration of Spotify on the new devices will be characterized by the following innovations:

– Smart Always-On-Display (AOD) which allows you to have music, podcasts and audiobooks always at your fingertips. In fact, users can now know what Spotify content is playing by simply glancing at their smartphone display and double-clicking the music control panel, without needing to wake the device. This integration also allows you to control the playback of your favorite audio content from Spotify and access the app recommendations, all without unlocking the device.

– Shelf: the new function of ColorOS 13 includes a Built-in Spotify card which contains Spotify content recommendations and through which users can access their favorite music on the app with just one click.

Home Screen Widget: Spotify widget can now be added to ColorOS 13 home screen for a quick and easy access to the app.

Clock: The integration of the alarm clock in the Clock app of ColorOS 13 allows users to wake up every morning to your favorite Spotify songs, playlists and podcasts.

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