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OPPO: announces the release of ColorOS 13

OPPO announces the release of ColorOS 13, based on Android 13, features the new Aquamorphic Design, intelligent interconnectivity and performance improvements for a smart and optimized user experience

OPPOtoday announces the release of ColorOS 13its latest operating system based on the new Android 13, to users around the world. ColorOS 13 introduces the new Aquamorphic Design for an intuitive visual experience and interface user-friendly and, thanks to the latest technological innovations from OPPO, it presents a series of cutting-edge functions capable of offering an efficient interconnection between multiple devices, further improving productivity.

Inspired by the way in which water acts in nature, OPPO has introduced the new Aquamorphic Design on ColorOS 13, capable of creating a fluid user interface, dynamic and inclusivealso thanks to new updates, including the Card-styled Layout, and the new font that improves the readability of text in any language. ColorOS 13 also features a new theme palette inspired by the changes in light that occur on the sea surface at sunrise and sunset.

It offers a more intuitive user experience thanks to the integration of different effects Aquamorphic in the system animations, in the user interface and in the Quantum Animation Engine, with a new feature that allows you to predict user actions. Added to this is OPPO’s inclusive design, which introduces illustrations with minimalist scenarios, adaptive layouts for different screen sizes and easily recognizable and intuitive icons to improve readability and overall ease of use.

Also, a new series of images Always-On Display called “Homeland”Depicts suggestive settings that have wild animals and nature as protagonists. These animations reproduce the changes in the ecosystems and in the places where the represented species live, based on the daily temperature variations, to sensitize users on climate change and on the importance of safeguarding the planet.

OPPO: announces the release of ColorOS 13

Improved performance thanks to innovative proprietary technologies

ColorOS 13 marks the debut of the Dynamic Computing Engine, a set of technical solutions developed internally by OPPO to offer a more fluid and stable system and an optimized user experience. The Dynamic Computing Engine brings two major improvements: one longer battery life and the possibility of keep multiple apps open in background.

In the first case, OPPO’s Dynamic Computing Engine improves resource scheduling hardware to extend the battery life, achieving a better balance between high performance and low energy consumption, while in the second case, this innovative system allows you to keep a greater number of apps in the background, allowing you to switch from one app to another without losing information and without suffering delays during the passage.

Improved work and daily life experiences thanks to new smart functions

ColorOS 13 offers a number of smart functions aimed at facilitating and optimizing every aspect of daily life and work. In addition to being an excellent tool to express one’s personality, in fact, it is Smart Always-On Displayis able to reproduce the data related to the apps of the music and food delivery, giving users faster access to information and more immediate control over music playback and other functions. Through the Smart Always-On Display, OPPO has partnered with world-leading software and service providers, including Bitmoji and Spotifyto provide a wide range of experiences user-friendly and personalized.

Also, thanks to technology LTPO 2.0 on the Find X5 Proindustry leader, the Always-On Display refresh rate is reduced to 1Hz to save the 30% of power consumption in certain scenarios, while other smart home screen management functions, including Large Folders, Shelf3 e Home Screen Widgethelp users easily access the information they need by choosing the mode that best suits their needs.

OPPO: announces the release of ColorOS 13

OPPO: developed the first Meeting Assistant

To optimize the work experience, OPPO has also developed the former Meeting Assistant for smartphones designed specifically for online meetings. Meeting Assistant can automatically assign the priority to data packets wireless to provide a more stable connection during calls and to optimize banner notifications to minimize distractions. What is more, this new feature allows you to add the shortcut Notes which helps users transcribe meeting content.

Furthermore, one of the most important updates of ColorOS 13 is the improvement of the user experience with multiple devices. The function Multi-screen Connect supports seamless connectivity between smartphone and OPPO Pad Air and between the smartphone and the PC, increasing productivity and efficiency thanks to the ability to transfer files of different formats without hardware limitations. Users who connect their smartphone to a PC via Multi-screen Connect will also benefit from the ability to view multiple mobile applications on the PC screen at the same time.

Privacy and security features

The privacy and security have been a priority of ColorOS since its inception, and the new version of the operating system does a further step forwardalso integrating the privacy protection functions of Android 13. The system, for example, is capable of automatically clear the history of the clipboard after a short period of time, preventing the leak of sensitive information caused by malware and, thanks to the function Nearby Wi-Fi6users can take advantage of the network Wi-Fi without disclosing specific information about the your position.

The technology developed by OPPO also plays an equally important role in improving privacy and security. The function Auto Pixelate, allows you to automatically recognize and blur your profile photos and names in chat screens with a single tap, while the new one Private Safe it is encrypted with the system Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to ensure high levels of security. Furthermore, the guarantees for privacy and security offered are based on authoritative standards of security and privacy authentication such as ePrivacy, TRUSTe, ISO27701 and ISO27001.

OPPO: announces the release of ColorOS 13

Explore new Android experiences in partnership with Google

During the development of ColorOS 13, OPPO worked closely with Google to explore new ways of adding value to the operating system experience Android. The foldable smartphone Find N e il flagship Find X5 Proin fact, they were among the first smartphones in the world to receive the update Android 13 Beta. Additionally, OPPO has launched an Android 13 Beta-based version of ColorOS for developers and will continue to partner with Google to build a rich Android ecosystem.

ColorOS 13 launch and update policy

ColorOS 13 will be immediately available on smartphone Find X5 Pro e Find X5. The roll-out will then continue gradually, between second half of 2022 and early 2023, in other countries and across a wider range of devices. OPPO, in fact, plans to update about 35 smartphone modelscovering more than 60 Paesie i 160 million usersresulting in the largest upgrade plan ever in ColorOS history.

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