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Oppo Coloros 13, the operating system awarded at the iF Design Awards 2023

ColorOS 13 is the latest operating system from OPPO, one of the world’s leading companies in the smart device sector. Was awarded with six prestigious awards garlic iF Design Awards 2023. Competing against 11,000 competitors from 56 countries, ColorOS 13 received five awards in the category User Experience (UX). They concern: his Aquamorphic Design, Multi-Screen Connect, Smart Sidebar Suggestions, Game Assistant, Smart Walletand an award in the Apps for category Clone Phone. The six awards add to the growing recognition of ColorOS 13 and OPPO’s continued commitment to creating products with an elegant and intuitive user experience.

Oppo Colors 13, here are the prizes won at the iF Design Awards 2023

In addition to the UX and App awards, OPPO also received a smartphone award OPPO Find N2 Flip. In recognition of OPPO’s achievements in designing innovative and cutting-edge form factors.

Oppo Coloros 13, Aquamorphic Design – iF Design Awards 2023 Winner

Aquamorphic Design is the new design concept of ColorOS. Inspired by water aims to provide an aesthetically pleasing and immersive experience that is both relaxing and dynamic. Underpinning the design is a selection of new theme palettes, fonts, and a paper-style layout with polymorphic textures. They improve the relationship between man and technology through a more comfortable, flexible and complete interaction.

Oppo Coloros 13, Multi-Screen Connect – iF Design Awards 2023 Winner

Multi-Screen Connect improves productivity and efficiency and overcomes the limitations associated with various smart devices, enabling seamless data transmission and management between smartphones, PCs and tablets. With Multi-Screen Connect, users can enjoy a more convenient experience across multiple screens and devices.

Smart Sidebar Suggestions – iF Design Awards 2023 Winner

The suggestions of Smart Sidebar provide convenient access to a collection of tools from the phone’s sidebar, allowing users quick access to relevant tools needed to complete or improve tasks, helping to reduce distractions and improve efficiency.

Oppo Coloros 13 premium

Game Assistant – iF Design Awards 2023 Winner

Game Assistant optimizes network conditions and provides intuitive control gestures and multi-window support to improve game performance and provide a more immersive game atmosphere and multi-sensory experience.

Smart Wallet – iF Design Awards 2023 Winner

Smart Wallet offers a secure and convenient way to manage payments and other financial transactions by offering versatile functions also for public transport, electronic car keys and access cards, as well as secure archiving of digital documents. The powerful digital wallet simplifies daily tasks and offers greater convenience by eliminating the need to constantly unlock the phone or switch between applications.

Clone Phone – iF Design Awards 2023 Winner

Winner of an iF Design Award 2023 in the App category, Clone Phone is a secure application that simplifies data migration from an old to a new smartphone without the need for cables or other devices, improving the data migration experience and protecting user data through enhanced security.

ColorOS 13 is the latest version of OPPO’s operating system and is currently available on a number of OPPO devices. The powerful and easy-to-use operating system features anintuitive interface and advanced features that define a new standard for mobile devices. In the future, OPPO will continue to develop innovative and user-centered products and services to provide users around the world with unprecedented experiences.

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