Oppo Eco Rating: the consortium for a sustainable future

Oppo confirms its commitment in the field of sustainability by joining the Eco Rating consortium to establish a criterion of environmental importance

The company leader al world in sector of smart devices today announces another important milestone under the sustainability, confirming itself as one of the first companies ad stick al Eco Rating consortium of small and medium-sized enterprises in the sector.

Oppo Eco Rating: the consortium for a sustainable future

Oppo Eco Rating: the initiative

Starting from June 2021, this new classification system it will spread in all over Europe to help consumers a identification e compare the smartphone more sustainable, with the purpose of to raise awareness of the general public on the importance of environmental protection and of sustainability.

“Long-term planning and persistence are key elements in making a significant and lasting impact in the field of sustainability. In OPPO we are sensitive to this issue and support concrete initiatives in safeguarding our planet. Looking to the future, OPPO will continue to work with industry partners to contribute more to environmental protection and create a brighter future. “

– he comments Isabella Lazzini, Chief Marketing Officer OPPO Italy.

Eco Rating comes from one cooperation between five major players European mobiles: Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefónica, Telia Company and Vodafone. The purpose final is to provide the consumer with truthful information e accurate on the environmental impact of production, dell’use, of transport and of disposal of smartphone.

Oppo Eco Rating: the company’s commitment

Per actively support this project, OPPO it also has helped Eco Rating in development of a evaluation methodology objective and consistent, consisting of 19 different criteria. Following this detailed analysis, Eco Rating assign to each smartphone a overall score its a maximum of 100, showing environmental impact of device during his entire life cycle. The Eco Rating label yes concentrates its five fundamental aspects: durability, repairability, recyclability, climate efficiency and resource efficiency.

The company is firmly convinced of the importance of take concrete action and long-term to create a better future for all, in fact the commitment of OPPO under the sustainability does not stop only to this collaboration. Among the various green improvement initiatives undertaken, OPPO has adopted processes of production more sustainable which involve the design, packaging and use of new processing materials; in fact, in 2020 OPPO ha recycled products by a weight total 13 times higher respect al 2019. Furthermore, the company is committed also in reuse of raw materials for the realization of the products he was born in packaging: for example, the packaging I’m constituted for the 45% gives renewable fibers e i colors for the print I am at base of soy, environmentally friendly solutions. Overall, in the 2020 OPPO has reduced of 42.7% i waste produced he was born in 20% the indirect emissions of greenhouse gases.

Oppo Eco Rating: the consortium for a sustainable future

The contribution

Besides contribute a create a environment more sustainable, these initiatives help OPPO to get a positive recognition by the partner he was born in final consumer. The company has indeed reached up a significant market growth, getting too important milestones in several new ones European markets. Second IDC e Canalys, the shipments of OPPO smartphones are increased by 153% year over year, in Europe, ensuring the 4ª position.

Find more information on OPPO’s initiatives in the field of sustainability at the following link.

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