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OPPO Enco Free 2i: the new earphones with crystal clear sound and ANC

OPPO Enco Free 2i, with customizable noise cancellation, long battery life up to 30 hours and smooth and stable transmission, allies for perfect sound

OPPOone of the world’s leading companies in the smart device sector, today launches the new earphones OPPO Enco Free 2iable to combine a crystal clear sound with the cancellation of any external noise. OPPO’s team of experts, in fact, worked to ensure an experience of listening and talking sharp in any environment and to offer a comfortable fit and use of long duration.

They achieve an overall tonal balance, capable of reproducing low frequencies while still making them rich, clear voices and high frequencies clearly. Thanks to technology ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) customized based on thousands of tests in-earthe new earphones are able to optimize the noise cancellation curve based on the structure of the users ear canal, offering a tailored listening experience.

The noise cancellation depth reaches i 42dB, eliminating even lower frequency sounds. OPPO Enco Free 2i, in fact, employs sound quality compensation technology that can reduce noise without compromising sound quality and includes cutting-edge features such as mode Transparencywhich allows users to perceive the surrounding environmental sounds and be able to travel safely without having to remove the earphones.

OPPO Enco Free 2i: the new earphones with crystal clear sound and ANC

Elegant and minimal design

Featuring a elegant and minimal designOPPO Enco Free2i have been reshaped and adopt an excellent groove to reduce the feeling of fullness and pressure in the ears, while the charging case has been optimized by becoming round, smooth and thin. The certification IP54 for its resistance to dust and water, it allows users to wear their earphones with ease at any time of the day.

The battery of long duration reaches the 30 ore total playback combined with the charging case and connection Bluetooth 5.2. Low-latency binaural transmission allows for a seamless and enjoyable user experience, whether it’s answering a call, watching a video or starting game mode. In addition, they guarantee the full loading in solo an hour and a half.

OPPO Enco Free 2i: the new earphones with crystal clear sound and ANC

Availability and price

The earphones OPPO Enco Free 2i are available starting from today on Oppo Store, the e-commerce owner of the company in coloring White at a recommended retail price of 99.99€and soon also on Amazon. What do you think of these new Enco Free 2i earphones, capable of combining crystal clear sound with the cancellation of any external noise from OPPO? Let us know below in the comments. Don’t forget to follow us on our Instagram page, on all our other social networks and to stay connected on

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