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Oppo Find X5 Lite – My life assistant

Are you looking for a smartphone that helps you every day in your daily actions? Oppo Find X5 Lite is undoubtedly the one for you!

As a tech enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for smartphones that offer a great experience without breaking the bank. In 2023, I discovered Oppo Find X5 Lite, a phone that perfectly blends elegance and innovation, making it an ideal life assistant for my daily activities. This device has been a game changer, especially considering I bought it as one of the best refurbished smartphones. From its stunning design to impressive camera capabilities and long battery life, the Find X5 Lite has quickly become an indispensable part of my life.

How the Oppo Find X5 helps me in my life

I want to share my experiences with this amazing device that has transformed the way I go about every day.

Oppo Find X5 Lite - My life assistant

Elegant design, powerful impact

The curved edges and thin plastic back of the Oppo Find X5 Lite create an eye-catching aesthetic that matches my style perfectly. I was pleasantly surprised to find such sophistication in one of the best refurbished smartphones I’ve purchased. Available in two mesmerizing colours, Startrails Blue or Starry Black, I chose the latter for its unique purple hue and shimmery gradient finish. At just 173g and 7.81mm thick, it fits effortlessly into my pockets and small purses, ensuring convenience and comfort during my daily commute and travel. While it doesn’t exactly share the design language of the other Find X5 series devices, the rectangular camera module adds an element of sophistication, enhancing the overall appeal. This phone looks and feels a lot more expensive than its affordable purchase price suggests.

Oppo Find X5 Lite - My life assistant

Your reliable life partner

One of the most remarkable features of the Oppo Find X5 Lite is its ability to be a reliable life assistant in different situations. Whether I need to manage my daily schedule, capture beautiful moments or keep in touch with loved ones, this phone takes care of everything with ease. For example, during my recent hiking trip, I relied on the Find X5 Lite’s 6.43-inch AMOLED screen with a 90Hz refresh rate to navigate the scenic routes accurately. The 800 nits brightness made it easy to see the trail map even in direct sunlight. And thanks to the under-screen fingerprint scanner, accessing the phone to check the map was easy, even with sweaty palms after trekking.

Capturing moments with brilliance

The Find X5 Lite’s impressive cameras ensure that I never miss an opportunity to capture precious moments. During a recent family gathering, I used the 64MP main lens to take stunning portraits and candid shots, capturing every detail and vivid color. The camera performed exceptionally well both indoors and outdoors, making every shot worth treasured. However, the wide angle and macro lenses occasionally delivered mixed results, but the prime lens made up for it. Night mode required some patience due to the slower processing time, but the final images were well worth the wait. Furthermore, the 32MP front camera ensured that my selfies were always Instagram-ready, preserving every detail and colour.

Powerful performance

From managing my daily tasks to enjoying my favorite mobile games, the Oppo Find X5 Lite’s performance is truly commendable. Equipped with the powerful MediaTek Dimensity 900 chip, 8GB RAM and 256GB storage, this phone handles multitasking smoothly, giving you a fast and smooth experience. Whether I’m watching videos, browsing social media or editing photos, the Find X5 Lite never crashes or jams, making it an efficient companion for my on-the-go lifestyle. However, for more demanding graphics-heavy gaming sessions, I might consider upgrading to a higher-end device.


The Oppo Find X5 Lite has turned into my reliable life assistant, effortlessly completing my daily routines and tasks. Its sleek design, impressive display, and powerful performance make it a reliable companion for staying connected, capturing memories, and navigating life’s adventures. While the camera’s wide-angle and macro capabilities may not be perfect, the main lens and front-facing camera excel at providing great photos. The fast charging feature and long battery life ensure that my smartphone is always ready to help me through the day. For anyone looking for a mid-range smartphone, even among refurbished smartphone choices, that doesn’t compromise on style or functionality, the Oppo Find X5 Lite is a compelling choice that won’t disappoint.

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