OPPO: avvia il nuovo concorso OPPO ColorOSHack 2023

OPPO: Launch the new OPPO ColorOSHack 2023 contest

Oppo announces the launch of the OPPO ColorOSHack 2023 competition entitled “Pantanal Service, Empowering Lives with Intelligence”

OPPO, one of the world’s leading companies in the smart device sector, announces the launch of the OPPO ColorOSHack 2023 competition entitled “Pantanal Service, Empowering Lives with Intelligence“. Through this special initiative, OPPO invites developers from all over the world to leverage the existing capabilities of Pantanal, bringing smart life experiences to more than 500 million ColorOS users worldwide, focusing on services related to daily life, transportation and entertainment.

OPPO: Launch the new OPPO ColorOSHack 2023 contest

OPPO ColorOSHack 2023: Pantanal Ecosystem opens to involve developers from Southeast Asia

Since its release, the Pantanal Comprehensive Intelligent Platform collaborated with 21 eco-partners, including companies such as Meituan, Baidu Map, Umetrip and Xiaohongshu for the Chinese market and Snapchat, Spotify, Zamato and Swiggy for the international market. Among them, 4 green partners have reached strategic cooperation in fields covering services related to daily life, travel, entertainment, office and other industries, which means that more than 300,000 developers have contributed to building the Pantanal ecosystem.

As part of the Pantanal innovation ecosystem, OPPO ColorOSHack 2023 officially opened enrollments globally on11 July, active until 15 September. This year’s competition will focus on Southeast Asia, with the aim of finding service providers or developers in contexts such as services related to daily life, transport and entertainment, encouraging them to develop smart solutions in specific fields, to define future scenarios and to design forms of interaction through the Pantanal platform.

OPPO: Launch the new OPPO ColorOSHack 2023 contest

OPPO ColorOSHack 2023 – a comprehensive developer training system to improve development efficiency

In addition to maintaining the previous cash prize system, the competition will make Pantanal DevFwk, Pantanal DevStudio and support guidelines available to help developers quickly achieve low-cost, cross-service development of the Pantanal Platform and Pantanal DevKit. The Pantanal platform has made several development capabilities accessible, including Context Awareness, Service Running, and Natural Interaction. For example, Pantanal DevFwk it can be used to transform sophisticated multi-terminal and multi-service entry points into easy-to-use interfaces. This allows each process to quickly adapt to different terminals and entry points, optimizing cross-platform operational efficiency to best meet developer demands.

The brand new Pantanal DevStudio can provide multiple business module options to developers thereby helping them to reduce costs and significantly improve efficiency. It also features smooth cross-platform rendering and real-time preview across multiple access points and devices, allowing developers to quickly get results verified faster. Thanks to OPPO ColorOSHack 2023, developers will be able to experience the features offered by the in advance Pantanal Platform e i Pantanal DevKit, greatly improving the efficiency of development. It is expected that a single developer can develop a service in just three days and upload an end-to-end service in 30 days.

OPPO ColorOS organized briefings and online meetings to answer developers’ questions about the competition and guide them in using the features offered by the Pantanal Platform and Pantanal DevStudio. During the final phase of testing the device, participants will receive technical assistance directly from OPPO’s technical team. In addition, the competition invited local entrepreneurs from Southeast Asia and OPPO industry experts to the competition final, where they will offer professional advice to the participants. It is worth pointing out that theOPPO App Store will support and reward the winners. In addition, OPPO ColorOS offers comprehensive assistance to Pantanal system developers, including a live stream (Otalk) available throughout the year, a developer community, events and part of the academy on the platform’s official website. More events, live streams and training materials will be available in the coming days.

OPPO: Launch the new OPPO ColorOSHack 2023 contest

OPPO ColorOSHack 2023: co-create a Human-centered and borderless ecosystem

In a context without borders, OPPO ColorOS Through the competition, it intends to provide greater support to Southeast Asian developers, to reduce development barriers, optimize training systems and assist leading global creators in delivering projects smoothly. A more open and dynamic Pantanal ecosystem will be created to expand the possibilities of smart life experiences for more than 500 million ColorOS users globally.

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