Oppo launches ColorOS 14 and its Aquamorphic Design

Oppo lancia ColorOS 14 e il suo Aquamorphic Design thumbnail

OPPO announced the official debut of ColorOS 14 Global Version its operating system based on Android 14. Featuring a design Aquamorphicintelligent features based onartificial intelligenceadvanced technologies to ensure smooth performancealso has tools dedicated to safety and to privacy protection.

ColorOS 14, Oppo renews its operating system

One of the distinctive features of ColorOS 14 and its Aquamorphic Design, inspired by the element of water, which aims to create a harmonious bond between the user and technology. This philosophy is heard in new sound effects, seen in color systems, interactions and more.

OPPO has collaborated with professional academies to understand users’ audio preferences, thus introducing new sound effects into ColorOS 14. This includes ten sets of Aquamorphic themed ringtones for calls, alarms and notifications. The system of colorazione Aquamorphic updated ColorOS 14 intelligently adapts to the device status, time and contents displayed on the screen.

The introduction of the new design Aqua Dynamics in ColorOS 14 allows users to interact more intuitively, presenting information in bubbles, capsules and panels that expand from the status bar.

The other features

In addition to the design, there are many software innovations. The function Always-On Display call Homeland better in ColorOS 14 with the introduction of the new GO Green Always-On Displaywith a series of environment-related animations that vary based on users’ daily step counts.

Smart Touch, powered by AI, allows you to intuitively select and collect content from different sources. The new File Dock on the Smart Sidebar facilitates content sharing between different apps and devices, thus improving productivity. Smart Image Matting allows users to crop subjects from images or videos, offering extensive customization options.

To ensure smooth performance, Trinity Engine in ColorOS 14 optimizes computing, memory and storage resources. Features like the ROM Vitalizationthe RAM Vitalization and the CPU Vitalization improve the fluidity and stability of OPPO smartphones.

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Finally, ColorOS 14 also emphasizes the safety and the privacywith features like protecting photo or video permissions and integrating with Snapchat to offer quick and personalized access to content.

The rollout of ColorOS 14 has already started with global beta in select regions starting in October. The official global version will debut soon on Find N2 Flip in selected regions, bringing the new ColorOS experience to OPPO users around the world.

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