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Oppo launches the global version of ColorOS 13, based on Android 13

Oppo announced the release of ColorOS 13the new operating system based on Android 13 that comes in global version. Will use the new one Aquamorphic Design to have a unique style, the multi-screen functionality to connect to devices and more. First comes for the top of the range Oppo Find X5 Pro but it will soon arrive on many other devices.

Oppo launches the global version of ColorOS 13

The new style of ColorOS (you can see some screenshots on the cover) is called Aquamorphic Design. Give a fluid and inclusive user interface, with the Card-styled Layout and the new Oppo font that promises to improve readability in every language. And then the palettes inspired by the changes of light on the surface of the sea at sunrise and sunset have a truly unique taste.

The usage experience also improves with functions with the Quantum Animation Engine and minimalist layouts, plus a new one Always-On Display image series named “Homeland” showing wild animals and nature.

There are also many new features such as the function Multi-screen Connectwhich allows you to seamlessly connect your smartphone to Oppo Pad Air and to your PC.

Multi screen connect min

The Dynamic Computing Engine instead it allows a more fluid and stable system, also extending the battery life through the programming of hardware resources and finding the perfect balance between performance and energy efficiency.

ColorOS 13 also introduces the Smart Always-On Display, which allows the data of music apps or food delivery to be reproduced on the screen, in order to always provide the right information to users. And thanks to Find X5 Pro’s LTPO 2.0 technology, which will receive the update first, it will be able to do so while saving on battery.

New smart features and focus on privacy

Oppo also introduces the Meeting Assistant to manage online meetings, optimizing notifications and making connections more stable. And with the shortcut of Oppo Notes you can transcribe the content of the meeting in a snap.

It also improves privacy, taking advantage of the new features of Android 13 and going even further. In fact, you can also use the functionality Auto Pixelate to automatically blur faces in photos with a tap. Or with Private Safe you can keep information with the system Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

ColorOS 13 in global version: when it arrives on Oppo smartphones

Oppo was able to bring the news of Android 13 to its users so quickly because it worked closely with Google. Indeed the folding Find N e il flagship Find X5 Pro they were among the first to receive the beta of the new operating system.

ColorOS 13 arrives immediately for smartphone Find X5 Pro e Find X5. While for the other smartphones this lineup will follow:

ColorOS 13 Roll Out Timeline min

They will receive the update by early 2023 35 smartphone modelscovering more than 60 countries eben 160 million users.

If you have a Find X5 Pro, run to download the update!

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