OPPO launches the Inspirational Games campaign

OPPO lancia la campagna Inspirational Games

OPPO launches the new “Inspirational Games” campaign: inspirational stories united by the passion of football

a campaign, created together with the UEFA Champions League, to convey testimonies related to the history of the football world. Football, like technology, is a world fueled by passion, inspiration and dedication. In constant search for improvement, but which brings with it a long and exciting tradition, which is still nice to retrace and remember today. For this reason, OPPO (here for more info), one of the world’s leading companies in the smart device sector, had an extraordinary idea. Co-initiated global ‘Inspirational Games’ campaign with UEFA Champions League to vote for the three most exciting games of all time.

OPPO launches the Inspirational Games campaign

Details on OPPO’s Inspirational Games campaign

Following the vote, OPPO identified and interviewed some fans who had the opportunity to attend the three most voted historic matches. In such a way that they could tell and share the emotions experienced with today’s users, rekindling the passion for the game and inspiring people all over the world.

Going to the stadium to watch a game is always a wonderful memory,

He tells us Nam Kun, graphic designer and photographer from Paris. A PSG fan since 2000, Nam was an on-pitch photographer who assisted
the incredible 4-0 in the first leg between Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona and the unforgettable 1-6 in the second leg. For him, football is a sport about cultural diversity. A sport that allows everyone to get in touch and share their passion and the emotions that football has given them still continue to inspire his life today.

OPPO launches the Inspirational Games campaign

Other Statements

tonin the bullfighter, is not only a passionate football fan but also the owner of a famous pub in Madrid. He shared with OPPO the moments of inspiration that in his pub, together with football, united perfect strangers from different countries.

Passion for Real Madrid creates bonds;

says Tonín, recalling the moment the fans went wild when their favorite team scored a stunning goal. OPPO finally was lucky enough to interview too Mike Ferneya visually impaired fan who enjoys matches, in a different way.

How can a visually impaired person enjoy a football match in a stadium?,

one might ask. The answer is passion. Mike Ferney was diagnosed with a visual impairment from birth, but this has not affected his passion for football and Liverpool, which began from an early age. He still remembers with emotion Liverpool’s victory in Istanbul in 2005, a moment from which he learned an important life lesson, that of never giving up.

We were three to zero against one of the best teams in Europe, Mike still remembers as he recounts that feeling of intensity, it would have been easy to give up and quit, but they decided to continue.

There are three exciting stories collected by OPPO, starting with that of Mike. In fact, there are many people who, like him, are inspired by a passion for football and try to enjoy every moment to the fullest. Today, advances in technology allow more and more users to make the most of every match, turning inspirational seconds into everlasting memories.

OPPO launches the Inspirational Games campaign

Inspiration Ahead

Through the “Inspiration Ahead” brand proposition, OPPO, for example, is exploring new ways to allow people to make the most of every experience, including those related to sports. For example, Color Vision Enhancement technology, which made its debut on the OPPO Find X3 series, offers up to 766 different viewing profiles and is designed to help those who suffer from color blindness or experience difficulties in the perception of colors. Finally, the OPPO Research Institute Innovation Accelerator, born with the aim of designing innovative solutions also in the field of accessible technology, this year has given rise to highly successful projects. These include “artificial vision solutions for the visually impaired” and “exclusive smartphones for the hearing impaired”. OPPO will also continue to work to develop meaningful innovations that can solve present and future challenges.

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