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Oppo’s advice to improve the autonomy of the smartphone

Oppo, leader in the sale of smartphones, gave 5 tips to extend battery life of smartphones during the summer. In this period, as usual, we spend a lot of time outside and the autonomy of the phone becomes essential to avoid unpleasant situations.

Oppo has always made autonomy an ace up its sleeve to count on, focusing on both duration and charging speed. It is therefore not surprising that the Oppo Find X3 Pro, the absolute flagship of the Chinese company, supports the highest standards in terms of charging technology.

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How to keep your smartphone’s battery level high with Oppo’s advice

Without further ado, here are Oppo’s 5 tips on how to make the most of your smartphone’s battery and avoid waste.

Adjust the brightness of the display as best as possible: the best thing to do is to choose the “automatic brightness” setting, so that the sensor chooses the right level at all times and does not waste battery unnecessarily. The screen is always the number one cause of battery drain, being the smartphone’s most energy-hungry feature.

Disable all unnecessary functions: bluetooth, NFC or Wi-fi (just to name a few) are not always necessary functions, and deactivating them when not in use can significantly improve the autonomy of the smartphone.

Always check the consumption of your applications: applications often have a high consumption even in the background, and even more often we install many of them without actually using them.

Use the Lite versions of your favorite applications: the lite versions are lighter and therefore less resource-hungry. The smartphone will have fewer operations to perform and the autonomy will improve accordingly.

Set the Dark Mode: by setting a black background, screens based on Oled and Amoled technology will literally turn off the individual pixels. In addition to an aesthetic factor, this saves battery.

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