Optimizing scanner productivity with the right software: is it possible?

Ottimizzare la produttività dello scanner con il software giusto: è possibile? thumbnail

The correct use of office workstations is essential for a company. Added to this is the right combination of scanner e softwarewhich helps make the productive digital transition as completely as possible. What software to use to make this happen? And to what end?

The importance of good software connected to the scanner

Massimiliano GrippaldiRegional Sales Manager of PFU (EMA), expressed his opinion on this to document integration connected to the use of the scanner: this system leads to corporate sustainability because it results in less paper production.

Furthermore, Grippaldi sheds light on how it is necessary to proceed with thedigital capture of documents in order to extract and analyze the data contained. By doing so, information is made available to many more employees.

And this is where it comes into play the importance of the right software, which processes high-quality scans and integrates them into business processes. All to provide added value to corporate knowledge.

The positive impact of PFU software connected to the scanner

What does a scanner manufacturer do today? It provides useful software for the acquisition, without paying attention to the business processes that come immediately after. In this way, the software accesses the scanned documents in generic way and there is no strict correlation between software and hardware.

The point to focus on, according to Grippaldi, is the fact that high-quality scans are more than just digital images of documents and their contents. In addition, they must be easy to integrate into business processes to achieve more benefit.

The metadata, essential for the correct use of the PFU software

Important for the workflow are the metadata and it is essential that software capable of recognizing and validating them is used. And it’s just the software PFU that does this kind of work, so you don’t have to rescan for additions or correctionsthus reducing time and effort and increasing productivity.

Companies can and must be supported by the functionality of technologies, in order to optimize times and improve the performance of the various tools and user experience which derives from it.

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