Oukitel WP19: the new 21,000 mAh rugged smartphone

Oukitel WP19: il nuovo smartphone rugged da 21.000 mAh

Introducing Oukitel WP19, the world’s largest battery rugged smartphone coming in late June with 64MP main camera and 20MP IR night camera

After successfully launching those two rugged smartphones with a huge battery, WP15 and WP18, Oukitel now introduces the latest WP19, which has the largest battery capacity ever in a phone: 21,000 mAh and an IR camera advanced nocturnal.

Oukitel WP19: a new top-of-the-range rugged smartphone

The Oukitel WP19 is designed for outdoor adventures as it will never fail to offer you solid and robust features. One of the most impressive features is the battery capacity of 21,000 mAh, which is the largest on the market. With the huge battery, WP19 can guarantee an autonomy of one week of daily use. This is definitely an ideal device for all outdoor adventures as WP19 can allow you to experience reliable connection and navigation all the time. WP19 is also great powerbank portatile. With the huge battery capacity and reverse charging, Oukitel WP19, in addition to lasting a week of daily use, can power your other electrical devices in any emergency situation. You won’t be insecure and isolated with this beast at all as the WP19 is always able to stay in touch with your families and friends and enjoy music, videos or games in any environment.

Oukitel WP19: the new 21,000 mAh rugged smartphone

WP19 offers great peace of mind thanks to its huge battery and also offers a great camera setup. Oukitel WP19 is equipped with the main camera 64MP SAMSUNG and a 20MP SONY with night visionwhich allows you to capture scenes in any lighting situation, even in pitch dark.

Furthermore, i 4 infrared radiation emitters on the back of the WP19 have significantly expanded the range of vision which now reaches up to 20 meters. This IR intensity will be automatically adjusted for better image quality by increasing the sharpness in dark areas. You will feel safe with the WP19 night version camera as it is capable of detecting anything that could put you in danger. You can avoid the wild animals late at night, trace the path back to the campsite or search for lost items in the dark.

Oukitel WP19: the new 21,000 mAh rugged smartphone


There will be further updates on the other features of WP19. This top-of-the-range rugged smartphone will be available for purchase on AliExpress in late June, there is already confirmation from the Oukitel company. For many more details on WP19, visit the official Oukitel website. That’s all from the mobile devices section, keep following us!

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