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Our favorite video game-inspired movies

In view of the release of the film inspired by Unchartedstarring Tom Holland, we decided to draw one list of the best video game inspired movies, in our opinion. Today no criticism but only compliments and pure love for cinema and video games.

Our favorite video game-inspired movies: Silent Hill


Over the years we have often complained of film transpositions inspired by our favorite video games. “The story is different, the characters are not those of the game, of the video game there is only the name but no substance”: these are just some of the many criticisms that have been made to most of the video game inspired movies.

However, in this huge group of films that fans would like to eliminate, there are some that should be remembered, reviewed and appreciated for what they are. Sure, even here some elements of the story and gods personages they have been changed but what matters is there substance.

If you are ready, discover with us which are the best cinematic transpositions inspired by video games.

The first that deserves to be featured on this list is undoubtedly Silent Hill, 2006 film directed by Christophe Gans. As you can also see from the title, the film is inspired by the famous videogioco survival horror 1999 made by Konami.

Sure, they’ve been toMake changes in some places but the atmosphere is creepy and that’s what we need. Silent Hill manages to bring it to the big screen anxiety e anguish typical of the video game, turning them into emotions again more intense thanks to photography and ai special effects.

In addition to being one of the few films in which Sean Bean survives, Silent Hill could have offered a lot more to its audience but we are still extremely satisfied because it is one of the few films that comes close to the product it is inspired by. We believe that the first cinematic chapter is the one that comes close to the concept of perfection – even if, perfection does not exist and we know it. The next few weren’t very enthusiastic, except for Pyramid Head, made in detail and faithful to the video game.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider


The films have nothing to do with the story told in video games and many have criticized them for this but let’s face it: Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft was perfect. Seeing her as our favorite videogame heroine was a feast for the eyes, despite the fact that the plot differed completely from that of videogames.

Despite this, the film still retained the same elements of the original Tomb Raider game. Jolie’s clothing, double guns, energy: there is everything. And we, friends, loved it.

In this regard, we believe it is appropriate to speak also of theincredible performance Alicia Vikander as a Lara a little younger ed inexperienced. The film in which you act is in fact inspired by new chapters of 2013who show us a Lara Croft at early years: no double pistols, only bow, arrows and a lot of willpower.

Even if it’s not a action-packed movies like the ones with Jolie, however, it is a welcome gift. We also believe that Alicia Vikander offered us one new version of Lara, curious e full of vitality.

Resident Evil


So friends, small but huge premise: before the release of Welcome to Raccoon City, a chapter released a few months ago at the cinema, we were convinced that the first Resident Evil movie rmade by Paul Anderson in 2022 was bad. Or rather, we were convinced that the director could do much more because, however, the basics were there.

After seeing Welcome to Raccoon City, however, we realized that the chapter made by Anderson was probably the best around. Taking into account the year in which it was made, the special effects are amazing and the concept of Virus T and zombies are exactly those of the video game.

Yup, there are no our favorite characters and the story does a little bit as it wants. Despite everything, however, the substance is what matters and this chapter brings honor to the franchise by Capcom – not completely but it does. We repeat: it could have offer much more but given the times, we do not complain. Obviously this is true only for the film of the 2002. We prefer not to talk about the others because, in short, they are what they are.

If, on the other hand, you are curious to know why Welcome to Raccoon City did not convince us, you can consult the our review.

Video Game Inspired Movies We Like: Werewolves Within


Werewolves Within vaguely inspired by the namesake Ubisoft’s VR game of 2016. From this it takes the main theme – that is a small group in which anyone could be the monster in disguise – and creates around you a smart horror movie e fun.

The forest ranger Finn comes to Beaverfield right during a storm, the power generators get sabotaged and a dead body or two pop out, just to make things more interesting. Only one of the few residents could be responsible and the group begins to succumb to paranoia and al suspected. The director is Josh Ruben, who wrote and directed Shudder’s equally clever Scare Me, and he’s perfect. The star Sam Richardson – from Veep and The Tomorrow War – makes Finn equally fun and likable. In short, simple but effective.

Detective Pikachu


The best movie inspired by a video game is definitely him, Detective Pikachuwith funny Ryan Reynolds voicing the cutest pokémon of all – at least for us. This film does justice to the entire Pokémon franchise, particularly from a point of aesthetic view e graphic. I mean, can you see how sweet and fluffy that Pikachu is?

The film focuses on the 21-year-old Tim Goodman who wants to find her father, formerly a private investigator, who has suddenly disappeared. He will then team up with Pikachuwhich will accompany him on this incredible journey in which we will have the opportunity to see some of ours favorite pokémon. In addition to a noteworthy vocal cast, what makes this film perfect is the love and the treatment with which the director created the world of pokémon, the world in which everyone we have grown up.

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