Our God of War PC review: always a sight

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After the success of Horizon Zero Dawn, now is the time to God of War to land on PC and be seen in all its glory. A few simple words characterize the review of this port: definitely successful. Has been nice to be able to finally play on Windows, without encountering any problems. We found no bugs or glitches and the performance was always up to par. The title, then, proved to be excellent even some time after its original release. In short, a optimal result for a game that deserves in every respect. You are curious to know how did God of War perform on PC? Let’s go into the details of our review.

God of War PC Version Review: Hasn’t aged a day

One of the first we noticed in the our review of God of War PC version is the graphics quality. Not only has he not aged a day, but he has also definitely improved. Playing it is a real pleasure for the eyes and beyond. The quality of the narration is excellent, but we already know this. We were, however, really impressed by the excellent textures and scenography. Every detail is extensively taken care of and creates an exceptional scene. Compared to the console version, PS5, it is even better. Through the settings, of course, you can change the level of detail, to better suit your PC.

The title, however, is well optimized and respond well with different configurations. We tested it on a desktop PC with RTX 2060 Super in FHD and on a laptop with RTX 3070 in 2k. In both situations we had stable FPS, well above 60FPS, with maximum details. We did not perceive any particular frame drops or other performance-related annoyances. Everything worked in the best way, guaranteeing us a perfect gameplay, pleasant in every aspect.

Recensione God of war

Not only the scenography, but also the narration

What amazes, again, is how much God of War remains interesting also from the point of view of plot and narration. It doesn’t seem like a day has passed since its debut: an intricate story, full of noteworthy facets. The story of a father who does not know how to behave in front of a son who certainly needs it. A man who is not free from the past, but who is even more than anchored in it. A struggle between the past and the present, a challenge in emotions. Kratos and Atreus grow up together and take us on a journey full of emotions.

Because it’s not just about enemies to kill or items to recover. It is about venture on a path, not only physical, but also emotional. It is about fighting the past, without neglecting the present and the future. It is a question of fulfilling a mission that will also increase them from the moral point of view. A journey that shows all sides and facets and that there offers deep and touching moments.

God of War

God of War

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God of War still deserves it, even on PC

At the end of our review of God of War versione PC, we can only tell you that we stayed pleasantly satisfied. Despite the past time, the title is not old, neither from the point of view of the plot, nor from the scenographic one. The narrative absolutely knows its stuff, still remaining perfectly current. From a graphic point of view, we have seen nothing but improvements and this can only be a great merit. Is it worth playing God of War on PC? Absolutely yes. If you’ve never had the pleasure of it, this is a great opportunity to buy it.