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Our review of the Dead Space remake

The first Dead Space has been released nel 2008 da Electronic Arts and it turned out, at least from the point of view of the critics, a big success. Oggi, Electronic Arts in collaboration with Motive offers us the remake of what is a undisputed classic of the survival horror genre. The remake of Dead Space that we see in this review was rebuilt from scratch using Frostbite; one of the most advanced professional game engines on the market. For the uninitiated, Frostbite is the game engine used to produce, among other things, episodes of the sagas of Battlefield, FIFA, Madden NFL and Star Wars.

Dead Space remake review

Dead Space, when it first came out in 2008, wasn’t just an innovative game; it was destined to become a cornerstone of the survival horror genre. It didn’t take long to establish itself, both for theunique settingboth for design choices; such as the diegetic interface. A diegetic interface is a way for the player to interact blends the user interface with elements of the game environment. In Dead Space, for example, the character’s health level is represented by lights placed on the back of his suit.

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This remake takes all the positive aspects of the original game and amplifies them capitalizing on the improvements included in the second and third chapter of the series. What results is a game extremely clean and effective which is proposed as a new blockbuster and not just as a revival of a classic.

As has already happened in the past for similar games, it is difficult to write a review of a remake like Dead Space without spoilers. On the one hand it is true that we all already know the game; but on the other they have also passed fifteen years. So it is likely that many of you, especially the younger ones, will now see the story for the first time. More, it is not true that this version has nothing new to offer; because many things have changed, also and above all at the level of the script.

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Dead Space is a remake and not a remaster

A very important aspect to keep in mind of this new edition of Dead Space is that it is a remake and not a remaster. In a remaster, in fact, an existing game is proposed again keeping it in its most original form possible (including, very often, even bugs) but making it usable on modern hardware and renewing the graphic and musical assets. A remake, however, seeks to keep the spirit of the game intact and propose it again not only on new hardware but also through more modern game design approaches and innovative interaction models.

In the new version of Dead Space many things have changed since the original. The story has been extended, the controls and menus revised to be more usable, the characters have been redesigned from scratch and the setting has been made even more dark and distressing. Without any doubt, we are facing a remake.

Speaking of innovations and additions, one thing we would like to point out is that in the PlayStation 5 version there is a interesting use of haptic feedback and speakers on the controllerresulting in a significant increase in the immersiveness of the game.


The story of the remake of Dead Space remained conceptually faithful to the original. In the game we play the role of an engineer, Isaac Clarkein charge of the repair of a spacecraft for mining: the Ishimura. No communications of any kind are received from the Ishimura and the rescue ship is damaged while docking. The repair party then becomes trapped within the mining name. To complicate things, Isaac’s girlfriend Nicole was part of the crew; and nothing more is known about her. The last contact at the command center was a message from Nicole herself reporting a abnormal situation on boardbut communications stopped soon after.

Once landed on the ship, the rescuers don’t take long to figure out don’t be alone and be in danger. Their only hope to get away is restore the Ishimura’s systems. And here comes Isaac who, making his way through alien aberrations and environmental puzzlesmust complete the repairs.

As the story evolves, Isaac will have access to ever new areas of the ship to be able to unravel its secrets. Eventually, he too will come to understand what happened to the crew and what is the cause of the alien aberrations.

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New story and new characters

The story arc, which we just talked about, is basically the same as in the original game. This though does not mean that the story is the same. Indeed, the authors laid on the skeleton of the events of the first episode new layers of narrative. The story is enriched by new details that help us understand events better. Plus, they add to the picture collectibles and new side missions.

More texture than the other installments of the series

One thing we learned as we progressed through the game was that there was a interesting work of consolidation of history. In the original series, in fact, the second and third episodes add items which unfortunately were not reflected in the first. This, simply because in the beginning it had not been foreseen there would have been such a narrative depth. In the remake, a number of details are introduced which they coordinate with the other episodeshelping to make the story more consistent throughout the series.

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A map that progresses with the game

Turning to the relationship between map and story, within the Ishimura were zone additions and new alternate routes to exploit. This allows us to gather more information e you affect the sequence of events. Finally, access to various areas of the ship is managed with a security level system. These levels come acquired by the player by progressing in the history. It may therefore happen that retracing one’s steps with a higher level of security could pay off additional information or resources.

Still on the map, we found the new way of moving in zero gravity areas is very interesting. In the 2008 version it was only possible to make long leaps from one platform to another, while in this remake we are able to marry flying thanks to the thrusters on the suit. It goes without saying that the levels concerned take a completely different turn.

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Totally revised characters

Along with the story, too the characters have been completely redesigned. Beyond the appearance, the designers they reviewed all the personalities, dialogues and relationships both between characters and with the player. To realize it just watch the introduction before disembarkation.

Of particular interest is the character of Issac. Original game did not speak and received orders. At times the player could have the impression of being a passive subject and of undergo history, like a shipwrecked survivor. Which, given the genre of game, it made sense dramatically. In the remake, however, the main character comes with the voice of Gunner Wright; thing that in the original series had been introduced only in the second chapter. However, and this is the interesting part, when he speaks proposes ideas, imposes itself on the other characters and gives orders. As players we therefore enter a completely different flow: no more spectators and survivors but much more actors and heroes.

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The gameplay; horse that wins does not change

One of the distinctive features of Dead Space in terms of game mechanics was the weapons available. Isaac is an engineer at a mining station, so the weapons available to him are essentially repurposed digging tools. Stylistic choice which, in addition to characterizing the game, goes very well with an important mechanic linked to enemies. The monsters we are dealing with, in fact, are some kind of undead that do not expose vital points to hit. To shoot them down, better proceed to them dismemberment by removing the limbs. For this, undoubtedly, a plasma cutter or a disc launcher are much more functional. The game he says it very clearly and right away. Therefore, we do not feel like saying that we have given you a spoiler.

The dismemberment mechanic is so pervasive and distinctive of the game that in the remake the developers have decided to make it evolve. Indeed, in this new version, enemies are visually composed of various layers and dismemberment reveals sometimes sinews, sometimes broken bones, sometimes more.

However, in relation to the game mechanics, one thing that we, personally, would not have changed is the weapon upgrade system. Compared to the original game, weapon upgrade is more efficient in terms of firepower, but it is also a bit more complex to manage. In our opinion, a more complex system, which therefore requires more time, doesn’t go well with a game that, just to keep us under pressure, doesn’t pause when we have the menu open. Then there is also the detail whereby buying an upgrade makes additional portions of the map available; on this, we admit, we were unable to get a precise idea, due to the somewhat weak correlation.

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