Our review of the Ezviz RS2 robot: vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner together with full power

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The ranks of the army of cleaning robots it increases more and more every day and every day it is more and more difficult to understand what changes between them, who does what and above all, which robot cleans well. The evolution of this particular appliance has been rapid and steep and the devices are becoming increasingly sophisticated and high-performance. In the wake of these two qualities, Ezviz offers us the new Ezviz RS2a robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner capable of autonomously loading and unloading water, self-cleaning and much more. Let’s discover all its features and price in this review of the Ezviz RS2 robot.

Our review of the Ezviz RS2 cleaning robot

As anticipated, the RS2 is Ezviz’s latest creation in terms of cleaning robots. This new solution offers a automatic cleaning for the entire floors home, vacuuming and washing automatically. Thanks to a double solution of detachable mops, it will no longer be necessary to get your hands dirty or deal with dirty water.

And not only that, theRS2 also features a video camera capable of recording (audio and video) what happens in our housewith a double control and safety function.

But let’s start in order!

Data sheet

  • Basic dimensions: 580 x 452 x 472mm
  • Dimension Robot: 365 x 103mm
  • Charging base weight: 10 kg
  • Robot weight: 4,6 kg
  • Navigation and mapping: LiDAR D-ToF
  • Maximum suction power (Pa): 4000
  • Cleaning pressure (N): 10
  • Size of the floor cleaner (cm²): 113
  • Washing area (m²): 300
  • Drums: 5200 (lithium ion)
  • Charging time: 3 ore
  • Dust container capacity (L): 0.4
  • Water tank capacity (L): 0.15


Although it is never the strong point of robot vacuum cleaners, it is necessary to talk about the design and how this RS2 presents itself. Let’s start by saying that there are no particular innovations in terms of stylealigning both the robot and the base with market standards. The RS2 is a round (365 × 365 × 103 mm) all-white TPE plastic robot with a D-ToF LiDAR sensor on top dedicated to home mapping. At the front we find a Laser 3D for avoiding obstacles and a camera AI RGB local camera detection which we will talk about later in the review.

The cleaning part of the robot remains in line with the market average with a central brush, the point where the actual dust extraction takes place and a double rotating brush, placed at the top of the circumference, to push the dust and other residues towards the center of the robot. Without a doubt the most interesting part is the double mop that connects via magnets at the back of the robot. The mops are obviously used to wash floors and are automatically attached and detached from the charging base depending on the settings entered.

Speaking of charging base, we are faced with a device of significant dimensions (452 ​​× 472 × 508 mm) which has the same all-white style as the robot. This serves to recharge the robot’s battery and allows you to empty and fill the water compartment of the robot, but not that of dust. Inside the base we find two large tanks (about 5L each) dedicated to clean water and dirty water. The robot will load and empty the water autonomously and we will only take care of filling the clean water tank from time to time and emptying the dirty water tank.


Ezviz RS2

To do this, the system is equipped with the most innovative intelligence systems that allow it to act practically autonomously. It all starts, as always, with the mapping of the house, which takes place in the Ezviz Rs2 thanks to a D-ToF laser technology and RGB camera which allow him to create a floor plan map of the faithful home. Once this is done, the robot is also able to automatically generate cleaning plans for the different floors.

The combination of Laser, camera and LiDAR D-ToF sensor allows it to detect and avoid the most common household objects scattered on the floor, so as not to drag messy objects. Added to this is also the robot’s ability to detect humans and pets.

Moving on to the more practical, the suction capacity of the robot reaches approximately 4000Pa, in line with market standards and more than sufficient to guarantee powerful and optimal suction. More particular are the double rotation brushes dedicated to washing the floor which offer truly impeccable and all-round cleaning.

Our test of the Ezviz RS2 robot

Ezviz RS2 review12

For this review, we had the Ezviz RS2 robot on test for about 3 weeks during which he became our number one helper in cleaning the house.

Let’s start by saying that the robot does not shine aesthetically. From this point of view, the world of robot cleaners is still a little behind and the RS2 is no different. However, the anonymous white of the base and the robot is contrasted by the use of truly excellent materials that give a feeling of resistance, both in the robot and in the base. This is certainly the most interesting part since the large dimensions are used to contain the two tanks. Extracting, filling and emptying them is really child’s play and made us forget about the damp classic mop.

Once set up and filled with water, the robot is ready to go. The mapping of the house takes place in a few minutes and is very faithful to reality, without ghost walls or non-existent rooms appearing on the application. From a cleaning point of view, the robot gave us a lot of satisfaction not only for the suction and washing power but also for the many possibilities for customizing the work through the application.

The excellent Ezviz application

Ezviz App

L’app Ezviz is in fact a non-essential but highly recommended tool to get the best out of your robot. In addition to keeping the health of the robot and the various components under control. The app will be useful for customizing your work, choosing the suction power, automating cleaning, giving orders to the robot, keeping the camera under control and so on.

From here we can, for example, create virtual walls to prevent the robot from reaching a certain area (perhaps with too many electrical wires) or make it carry out a particular type of cleaning. Among these we particularly appreciated the possibility of starting a vacuuming and washing in sequence, so as not to have to restart the robot several times.

The RS2 will therefore first vacuum the dust, then return to load the water, wash the entire floor and return to empty the dirty water. Then, he will start washing and drying the mop cloths so as to avoid bad odors and in this whole process you will have done absolutely nothing! Maybe a snack!

He’s smart but he doesn’t apply himself

Having extreme effectiveness and versatility, Ezviz’s RS2 could not upset the balance of this review too much. We have indeed noticed that the robot lacks a little intelligence. Despite the sophisticated technologies on board, the robot had too many problems. We hoped that an efficient laser and a camera would allow him to understand when and where to stop before getting stuck but this was not the case.

Obstacles such as normal chairs or the small difference in height of the drying rack were enough to interrupt the work. Given that this type of obstacle must certainly be removed from the robot’s path before work, We were disappointed to find that the robot couldn’t get past them. Let’s be clear, we hadn’t foreseen that the robot could move a chair but at least we hoped that it would be able to understand (before getting stuck) that that space wasn’t enough for it to pass.

Likewise, The robot’s ability to detect carpets is exceptional (and it’s the first model we’ve tried that also marks them on the map) but instead of interrupting the wash, move on and start againthe robot completely ignores that area and if a part of the floor is on the opposite side of your carpet, forget about washing it.

All these problems can undoubtedly be solved by preparing the field for our robot as best as possible, but this practice takes away a little further the dream of having to make as little effort as possible to make the robot work.

The Ezviz RS2 robot review in brief

In conclusion, this Ezviz RS2 bewitched us with its cleaning technique, automation and versatility but left us a little perplexed regarding its “judgment” and intelligence. This flaw could certainly be resolved or at least improved with software updates, but currently human-machine collaboration is still indispensable.

The dream of having a truly autonomous robot that doesn’t need our help is perhaps far away but this Ezviz RS2 is certainly the closest thing to it.

The EZVIZ RS2 Robot is now available at the price of €999.

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