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Our review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+: the more than complete Android tablet

with the series 9 of the Galaxy Tabs, Samsung wanted to raise, once again, the quality bar regarding the world of tablets. Despite the rapid development of smartphones and computers, tablets represent a slice of the market that has not experienced such great expansion. For this reason, large companies are increasingly intent on offering high-quality tablets that can impress the public. Thanks to Samsung, in recent weeks we have had the opportunity to test one of the three Galaxy Tab models, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ and this is its review.

Our review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+

The 9 series has three distinct models, the Galaxy TabS9, Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ and Galaxy Tab Ultra. The one we are going to analyze is exactly halfway between the other two both in terms of performance and price. The version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ in this review is also the model with 5G support via SIM card.

Although the performance is similar between the various models, let’s find out what differentiates the Galaxy Tab S9+ starting from its…

…data sheet

  • Dimensions: ‎28,54 x 18,54 x 0,57 cm
  • Weight: 586g
  • Display: 12.4″ Dynamic AMOLED 2X
  • Processor: Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2
  • RAM: 12GB (expandable)
  • Memory: 256GB or 512GB (expandable via Micro SD)
  • Rear camera: 13MP + 8MP UW
  • Front Camera: 12MP UW
  • Drums: 10,090 mAh
  • Operating system: Android 13


Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 review

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ shares the same design as the other models in the S9 e series dimensions of 28.54 x 18.54 x 0.57 cm for a weight of 586 grams. Lo style of the tablet is rather minimal with elegant lines, a compact shape and rectangular edges. The model is offered in graphite and beige colors, the latter used in this review.

The body is made of glass and aluminum reinforced with Armor Aluminum. The back is characterized by a series of lighter colored lines which increase the elegance of the device, as well as the section dedicated to hosting the S Pen, compatible with the device. Unlike the basic model of the S9, on the back we find the camera set consisting of two lenses and a flash. The Display is a Dynamic AMOLED 2X and 12.4 inches with rather prominent frames but which do not hinder the overall view, large and large in size.

In the edges of the tablet we find 4 audio outputs, above and below the tablet. On the right side of the device we find the power and volume control button as well as the drawer capable of hosting a SIM card and a Micro SD to expand the internal memory. On the left side of the tablet we find a magnetic connector to connect the tablet to a possible keyboard.


Under the body we find a second generation Snapdragon 8 processionone of the most recent and best performing on the market which, together with 12Gb in RAM (virtually expandable), offers top of the range performance. In support, we have 256 or 512 GB of internal memory expandable up to 1 TB with microSD. The display, as anticipated, is a Dynamic AMOLED 2X and 12.4 inches with a resolution 2800 x 1752 and refresh rate up to 120 Hz which offers brilliant colors and images and is comfortable for the eyes thanks to the reduction of blue light. Thanks to the high refresh rate and the support for HDR10+ technologythe display offers vivid and brilliant colors and details with awide range of vibrant and true black shades, ideal for entertainment content including gaming. To get the best of both, the tablet features four speakers AKG quad con Dolby Atmos capable of offering high quality surround sound.

Like any tablet, the photographic sector is certainly not the focus of the device, but Samsung has decided to offer a good set of two rear cameras with 13 MP main sensor and 8 MP ultra-wide angle, and a 12 MP selfie camera.

To support everything we have a broad 10,090 mAh battery with support to fast charging up to 45W capable of offering an autonomy of approximately 3 days of use.

Our test of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+

For this review, we tested the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ for about a month during which it became our main tablet.

Starting from the design, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ It didn’t leave us particularly shocked. The weight is quite low compared to the size of the device and the quality of the materials is truly excellent and provides an excellent feel in the hands. The main deficiency mainly concerns the actual design, so minimalist as to appear dull; if there wasn’t a Samsung logo on the back, it could be any other company’s tablet.

Everything changes in terms of performance, which is truly excellent and on par with a mid-range notebook. The Snapdragon 8 processor, among the best performing on the market, offers excellent performance and we have never encountered slowdowns even during the most demanding processes such as video games. In this last field, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ moves excellently, managing even the most demanding titles and the large screen size allows you to better see all the details of mobile games.

In this regard, we really appreciated the display. Not only are the dimensions well thought out, neither too large nor too small, but the AMOLED quality it is a pleasure for the eyes and ideal for fully enjoying entertainment content. The mix refresh rate and HDR10+ make the images fluid and pleasant.

Last but not least, the large battery from 10.090 mAh it offers excellent performance but far from the three days promised by the company. Obviously everything depends on the use we make of the Tablet, but based on our habits which make for a well-balanced use between gaming tablet and auxiliary computer screen, we have reached around 2 days of use, still an excellent result.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ review in brief

samsung galaxy tab s9 Plus 3

All three Galaxy Tab S9 models offered by Samsung offer a new standard in the world of contemporary tablets and with the Galaxy Tab S9+ users are offered a device “in the middle” between the basic and Ultra models; perfectly balanced both in terms of performance and price. The Galaxy Tab S9+ is in fact available at a price of around €1,149 which varies depending on the internal memory or the Wi-Fi or 5G model.

This is clearly a price that is not within everyone’s reach but perfectly in line with the performance offered by this device.

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