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Our test of AMC Navigenio and Audiotherm: technology in the kitchen

Technology and cuisine.
It is not an unusual combination. After all, in recent years we have seen this sector make giant steps forward. Think of the food processors, the ovens that communicate with you by application, the microwave that now manages to do a bit of everything, the increasingly advanced hobs… In short, there are really many examples.
Among the companies that have decided to contribute to this technological advancement we also find AMCa leading manufacturer of high quality stainless steel cooking systems.
Are you curious to know what they came up with? We tell you everything you need to know about AMC Navigenio, Audiotherm and yes, even on the lid Secuquick.

AMC Navigenio: the starting point

AMC Navigenio is the starting point. Literally.
It is in fact a hob that we have combined with a 24 cm pot, with 3 different lids – standard, Secuquick and EasyQuick -, the Softiera, the small Audiotherm and the AMC Cook & Go app.

We know it. You may be thinking “What the heck do I do with a hob if I’m already full?”.
Well, there are two advantages.
The first concerns portability. All you need is a power outlet. This means that Navigenio can work even on the balcony, in the garden, on the campsite …

The second is versatility. What do you mean? Well, first of all you can use Navigenio in two ways. The traditional one allows you to plug it in, turn it on and place it on top of a pot or pan. The lesser known transforms Navigenio in the smallest oven in the world, ideal for preparing gratins, bread, pizza and desserts.
It’s actually simpler than it looks. You just have to reverse the positions. The pot will then be underneath while Navigenio is used upside down, as if it were a lid.
All this allows you to prepare many more dishes than with a classic system.

The third advantage is ease of use, naturally drives to a high build quality. In fact, AMC Navigenio comes with a surface glass ceramic, two comfortable carrying handles, the status indicator and a knob that allows you to set the level. You have 6 for manual cooking and one – A – for self-controlled cooking.

Audiotherm e l’app AMC Cook & Go

At this point they come into play Audiotherm e l’app AMC Cook because Audiotherm connects to Navigenio and your smartphone allowing you to automate the process.

But let’s go in order.
Audiotherm è an acoustic control device that you place above Visiotherm, the knob of the AMC covers. It is true that it takes away your view of the temperature but it is also true that it helps you to cook better accompanying you step by step throughout the process.
How? Audiotherm connects to Navigenio to allow the self-controlled cookingwith the small device which in turn uses Bluetooth to stay in touch with your smartphone and the Cook & Go app.

What happens then?
Select a recipe e the app automatically sends the correct cooking settings to Audiotherm. At that point you just have to follow the directions. This system on the other hand allows you to control everything remotely, setting cooking times and modes even when you are away from Navigenio. When your intervention is necessary, Audiotherm ad beeps to get your attention.

Why 3 lids?

The question is absolutely legitimate.
The basic set of AMC in fact provides a pot with 3 lidslids which, moreover, are very similar, also thanks to the knob Visiotherm which helps you to keep the situation under control.
To be peculiar they are Secuquick e EasyQuick.
Secuquick allows fast cooking and is designed to make you save up to 50% of energy and up to 80% of time.
Simplifying, we could compare it to the lid of a pressure cooker, with the advantage of being able to use two cooking methods: Soft and Turbo. Soft is recommended for delicate cooking of potato, rice and pasta dishes. Turbo, on the other hand, is ideal for stews, meat and legumes.
All this while preserving the taste, vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
Easyquick is designed for steam cooking at a temperature between 97 and 99 ° C, you can combine it with the Softiera and it helps you save 50% of your time. Compared to Secuquick, this lid can be removed at any time during cooking to allow you to add spices and seasonings to your liking.

Do they make a difference?

As anticipated, we spent several weeks in the company of AMC products and yes, they make a difference. Not only for cooking enthusiasts, but also for those who have little time available and I don’t want to give up on something healthy and tasty.
In fact, once you have learned the basics, you can take full advantage of self-controlled cooking to automate processes, investing your time in other activities, whether they are relaxing alone or spending time with the family.
And if you love to cook outdoors or love camping holidays, AMC Navigenio and Audiotherm could be even more useful.

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