Outlier Free Pro: these are the new headphones from Creative

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Here comes the Outlier Free Pro, the new headphones of Creative’s bone conduction professionals, light and perfect for swimmers

Creative Technology announces the arrival of Creative Outlier Free Prothe latest bone conduction wireless headphones equipped with all the features to satisfy professional sportsmen who love listening to music. Built to be durable and comfortableunstoppable in the heaviest rain and even underwater, with long battery life and without the need for a device to play music, the Outlier Free Pro simply has what it takes.

Thanks to bone conduction technology, thanks to which sound waves are transmitted into the ear through the vibrations of the transducers placed on the user’s cheekbones, the benefits of listening in can be achieved open ear mode.

By being able to better perceive your surroundings, you can enjoy a safer listening experience than in-ear or over-the-ear headphones: Joggers or cyclists can navigate busy streets with ease, while in the gym it is possible to chat without problems during training. In addition, for leisure activities, such as using apps to sing and record your own videos, you can enjoy a better experience, naturally listening to yourself.

Outlier Free Pro: these are the new headphones from Creative

Outlier Free Pro: these are the new headphones from Creative

The Outlier Free Pros are even more distinguished by the built-in 8GB music player (which contains 2,000 MP3 songs, also compatible with FLAC, WAV and APE formats), which allows you to listen to your favorite songs without having to bring your smartphone. Thanks to the degree of IPX8 protection (the highest waterproof rating for water immersion), swimmers can even swim underwater in the pool.

Trail runners and hikers who like to travel long distances will always have their own soundtrack with them, as the Outlier Free Pro delivers up to 10 hours of battery life per charge (10 minutes of quick charge gives 2 hours of playback).

Outlier Free Pro: these are the new headphones from Creative

The Outlier Free Pros are also a excellent everyday all-rounder offering multipoint connectivity with Bluetooth 5.3so as to ensure stable connections for up to 2 Bluetooth devices at a time. A low latency mode is also available to minimize audiovisual delay for watching movies. Also available is a built-in microphone for calls and call support Siri / Google Assistant.

Price and availability

The Outlier Free Pros are built in lightweight silicone and shape memory titanium alloywhich translates into all-day comfort and fit and are outgoing to a promotional introductory price of €129.99, immediately available on the official Creative.com website.

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