Outlook for Mac is free, according to Microsoft

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For all users of the Mac product, good news has arrived: Microsoft has decided to release its own email client Outlook per Mac completely free. This way, you can download the app directly fromApp Store and there’s no need to subscribe to Microsoft 365 or have an Office license.

Outlook for Mac is free, according to Microsoft

The Outlook app allows you to access your e-mail, but not only: there is also the possibility of use your calendar, schedule and respond to meetings, find what you’re looking for with advanced search capabilities for organizing your email. A very useful, clear and easy to use tool for work and for personal use.

The news doesn’t end there. Microsoft has also decided to implement the web versionso as to offer a version with cross platform functionality similar to the desktop version.

Outlook for Mac supports not only Outlook.com accounts, but also Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo and other IMAP protocol providers as well. Perfect for all types of email.

The latest version of the client is optimized for Macs with Apple Silicon CPUs and also supports Handoff, allowing iOS users to start reading or even writing a message on iOS and continue on Mac or vice versa. Among the various features is the “My day” that offers the agenda and an integrated calendar that allows you to keep track of appointments, meetings or other events in any place.

Another novelty from the Windows world: the iMessage app for PC

Microsoft is a tech company that never stops innovating, always trying to meet the needs of its users. Indeed, even if you have the operating system Windowsit will be possible to use iMessage. This is what was claimed by Microsoft, which has updated its own app Phone Link. It allows you to send messages to contacts on your PC who also use an iPhone, therefore via a Windows computer.

There are, however, limitations: Phone Link can not enable group messaging, will not allow you to send photos and videos or even view the entire history of a conversation. Then the iMessage app will be in its basic version.