Outlook replaces the Calendar and Mail apps on Windows 11

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Microsoft continues to offer alternatives for Windows PC apps, with updates that change the approach: bringing new apps and deleting others. Microsoft recently announced some important news regarding the fate of apps Mail and Calendarwhich is about to retire on Windows 11: in its place an old acquaintance, Outlook.

Outlook replaces the Calendar and Mail app on Windows 11

Microsoft has determined that the The new Outlook client will take the place of the Mail and Calendar apps on Windows 11. Microsoft explained that new PCs with Windows 11 will have already installed the new client, without Mail and Calendar. This will happen from 2024.

The Mail and Calendar app will still remain downloadable until September 2024, and after that date it will no longer be possible to officially obtain the app. During the same period Microsoft’s official Mail and Calendar support will also endt.

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Next year’s big Windows 11 update is likely, scheduled for September 2024, it will include the new Outlook app already installed.

This news is not a big surprise: for some time Microsoft seems to have left aside the development of Mail and Calendar. With regard to the new version of Outlook will have an updated web-based interface, with advanced functions for managing mail. And it will make it possible to further integrate Microsoft’s e-mail services.

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