Outriders: guide to choosing classes

Outriders: guide to choosing classes

In this article we will offer you a guide to choosing classes on Outriders, so that you can live your game experience as you prefer.

Outriders is part of that series of titles that has enjoyed enormous and, above all, unexpected success since its launch. Probably thanks to the fact that he was present since day one on Xbox Game Pass, the third person shooter developed by People Can Fly and published by Square Enix has immediately reached dizzying numbers on other shores: the title has in fact reached a peak of 125 thousand active players on Steam, becoming the fourth largest co-op game on the Valve platform from this point of view, as well as being the best ever launch of a PC game for Square Enix. In this guide we’re going to find out what they are the Outriders classes going there to provide all the details of the case.

Features of Outriders

Speaking of the game itself, there are various peculiar characteristics that define Outriders: one of them is the 4 classi among which players have to choose, and based on which the gameplay changes substantially. Whether you are still undecided on which class to select, or you simply want to take a deeper look at all aspects of the gameplay, with this guide we will try to give you a detailed description of the four classes of Outriders, so that you have a clearer idea on which of them to choose next time.

The Destroyer – Outriders: class guide

The Destroyer bends gravity on command, tearing apart the ground around him, using it both as a means of defense and to cause damage to enemies. This class excels when in the middle of battle: its abilities allow it to take a considerable amount of damage before dying, thanks to the boosts that serve to increase maximum health by 15% and armor by 30%. In practice, the class can be identified as a class “tank”: If you like that style of play, the Destroyer is absolutely for you.

The first four active abilities of the Destroyer are called “Earthquake”, “Golem”, “Gravitational Leap” and “Reflect Bullets”. The two offensive skills, namely Earthquake and Gravity Leap, do huge amounts of damage: the first emits a linear shock wave, while the second instead allows the character to fly in the air then select a target on which plummet immediately after. In both cases, a lot of area damage is done, and this allows the Destroyer to get right into the action. The other two skills are instead of the defensive type. Golem serves to lift the earth around the player, to use it as protective shell; Reflect Bullets instead is for stop bullets enemies in mid-air, then send them back back to those who shot you.

Outriders: guide to choosing classes

Choosing to play with the Destroyer also means giving up long-range weapons. The Destroyer in fact excels with shotguns, assault rifles and light machine guns. It is recommended that you use your skill points mainly in the skill tree Vanquisher, as they increase efficiency with the aforementioned firearms. However, if you prefer to make your character more focused on absorbing large amounts of damage, you have the possibility to invest your points also in the tree. Warden. The last tree, Seismic ShifterInstead, it serves to use your skills in an even more offensive way and with an even greater frequency.

To conclude this first part of the Outriders class guide, the latest peculiarities of the Destroyer are to be noted. For example, you should know that making a close range kill heals the Destroyer for 24% of his maximum health: in addition to emphasizing the importance of short range weapons, this also means that the game will tend to punish you more. if you try to escape from the fight instead of throwing yourself headlong into it. The melee attack of the class instead will cause the opponent to bleed, causing them to take damage over time. After all, the Destroyer is a rather simple class to use, which is played in co-op with other players or in single, and therefore perhaps more suitable for those who doesn’t have much experience with the shooters.

Outriders: guide to choosing classes

The Mystery – Outriders: class guide

If you prefer mobility instead of the Destroyer and its power, then perhaps you should take a look at the Mystery. This class, a little more fragile but capable of causing large amounts of damage, can be seen as the class “thief”, using more common terms: it is therefore more specialized in the execution of “hit and run” tactics. In order to absorb more damage, the Mysterizer can gain a 5% increase in maximum health and armor. Clearly, even in comparison to the Destroyer, these boosts are not very high: in fact, as already mentioned, to avoid dying, the player must be in constant motion. To stand still in this case means to meet certain death.

The first four abilities of Mystify are “Temporal Blade”, “Slowing Trap”, “Predation” and “Warped Bullets”. Since the class in question deals with defeating a large number of enemies, the player must always have the first two available. Temporal Blade in fact damages all enemies immediately in front of the player, giving them time to move and get out of the action, while Slow Trap allows you to create a bubble inside which all enemies and bullets are slowed down for 10 seconds, making making it easier to dodge. Predation instead teleports the player behind an opponent, reinforcing his shields: this offers a great way to engage in a fight, but also to get out and take cover. Warped Bullets is for damage instead: it is a direct buff to the damage caused by bullets, which will be applied to your weapon until you change weapons or reload.

Outriders: guide to choosing classes

Due to the frailty of the Mysterizer, the player will be forced to move consistently, and fire short and fast bursts. This means that, again, short-range weapons like shotguns, pistols, and machine guns are the best choices. If you want to make the most of the efficiency of these weapons, the indicated skill tree is Master of Space, although perhaps the most suitable choice in general is Harbinger, which will improve your health and your survival skills. But if you are confident enough in your skills and don’t feel the need to invest in protective skills, you can also spend your points in the tree. Assassin, which will greatly improve the effectiveness of active skills.

Like the Destroyer, the Mysterizer heals by killing enemies at close range, albeit only by 20%, with an additional 12% also to shields. If in difficulty, you can also resort to the melee attack: with the Mystery the time will be temporarily slowed, even here giving the possibility to escape from the clash. While the Mystery isn’t a difficult class to master, its low survivability makes it a class suitable for co-op play, with the help of other players.

Outriders: guide to choosing classes

The Pyromancer – Outriders: class guide

The Pyromancer, as the name clearly indicates, uses fire-related magic. Among all four classes, it can be considered the “spell caster” of the group. As with the Mystery, the Pyromancer is also a fragile class. However, instead of mitigating the disadvantage with mobility and speed, in this case it does so through its massive firepower. In fact, in terms of damage dealt, the Pyromancer stands above all: in addition to his repertoire of fire skills, he can also get a 10% increase in the damage of these skills.

His first four skills are named “Wave of Fire”, “Devouring Flames”, “Thermal Bomb” and “Overheating”. As it is ideal to use this class at medium range (neither close range nor long range weapons are very suitable), the first two skills are essential. Wave of Fire emits a wave of flames that can block enemies attempting to approach, while Devouring Flames draws them in and suffocates them in place.

Thanks to these two skills, the player is therefore able to keep enemies at the right distance, so as to remain protected but at the same time inflict large amounts of damage with other skills. From this point of view, Thermal Bomb is great: it deals a lot of damage to a single target, and also, if it dies after a few seconds, it will explode, causing damage to other nearby enemies. If you’d rather do damage to multiple enemies right away, then you can use Overheat, which deals reduced damage to all enemies within a certain radius.

Outriders: guide to choosing classes

The Pyromancer, as you may have already guessed, is a somewhat anomalous class to use. While, in the first two cases we have analyzed, specific firearms were indicated to be preferred to others, in the case of the Pyromancer the main focus is on the use of skills. In any case, we can recommend a mixture in the use of weapons: guns, assault rifles, but also some snipers are ideal, according to the style of play that the player prefers. Perhaps the only weapon not recommended is the shotgun, because no enemy in theory should be able to get close enough to force them to use that weapon. If that ever happens, you can still use your melee attack.

As for skill points, it is recommended to invest them in skill trees Scorcher e Tempest; in the latter especially, the ability will be unlocked in the long run “Phoenix Nestling”, which will allow the player to rise from dead bodies. In short, a great advantage. After all, what is it like to use the Pyromancer? To be honest, the initial frailty of this class can be problematic; only in the long run, after the right power-ups and having learned to use his skills correctly, the Pyromancer demonstrates all his real potential.

Additionally, whenever the Pyromancer hits an enemy with an ability, it is marked: the sign remains for 15 seconds in total, and if the enemy dies within that time, the Pyromancer will be recharged for 24% of maximum health. This means that it is not enough to kill individual enemies as for the Destroyer and the Mystery, but that a minimum of planning and tactics must be used. Again, the process simplifies in the long run, unlocking new skills. Bottom line, if the player is willing to tackle a slightly steeper learning curve, then they can find a very powerful class in the long run. That said, the next and last of the classes under consideration in this Outriders guide will be the Technomancer.

Outriders: guide to choosing classes

The Technomancer – …