Overwatch 2: il team di sviluppo anticipa alcuni dettagli sul nuovo sistema di ping thumbnail

Overwatch 2: the development team anticipates the details on the new ping system

Overwatch 2 is preparing to introduce the much sought after ping system to the game. The development team has confirmed this news by anticipating the desire to improve, more and more, the experience of the players. In view of the release of the ping system for Overwatch 2, the developers have published a post on the official blog to better describe the news.

Overwatch 2 is preparing to introduce the ping system to the game

Pending the arrival of this awaited news, the Overwatch 2 development team has published a new post on the game’s official blog. This post, called “A Look at Overwatch 2 Pinging System”, goes to anticipate what will be the news coming in the near future. The team anticipated that they were still working on the new ping system. It will take some time before we can analyze this new system in detail. Of course, the game team will be providing further updates shortly.

The comment of the developers

The principal designer, Adam Puhl, explains the characteristics of this system as follows: “It is a more precise and understandable way of communicating than someone yelling ‘Reaper behind’, or ‘Reaper, Reaper, Reaper!’ “. The systems designer Gavin Winter clarifies: “One of our goals was to improve communication and give players a way to visually interpret voice communications”

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