Oxygène: the official trailer of the Netflix film by Alexandre Aja

Netflix has released the trailer for the claustrophobic sci-fi thriller Oxygène, directed by Alexandre Aja and starring Mélanie Laurent

Are you a lover of claustrophobic films? Did the vision of Buried – Buried (2010), in which Ryan Reynolds find himself buried alive in a coffin, take your breath away? Then you can’t get lost Oxygen, the next sci-fi thriller directed by French director Alexandre Aja. The film marks Aja’s return to France after fifteen years in the United States, and will be distributed on the streaming giant Netflix the next May 12. Despite practically taking place in a single confined space, with only one character – the actress Melanie Laurent, absolute protagonist – promises a lot of tension.

Alexandre Aja himself defined it as a mix between Buried – Buried and 28 Days Later. David Kosse and Gaëlle Mareschi, respectively VP international film and creative manager for Netflix, said Aja “will take us on an exciting and unexpected ride both physically and emotionally, pushing her imagination to another level”.

Oxygène: the official trailer

We had only enjoyed a few seconds of teaser so far. Fortunately, Netflix decided to satisfy our curiosity and distributed the Oxygène’s first official trailer. Let’s see it right away:

As can be seen from the images in the trailer, the protagonist Elizabeth Hansen (Mélanie Laurent) wakes up in a cryogenic capsule without remembering who she is or how she got in there. The only thing she knows is that she has little oxygen left, so little time. To save himself, he will have to recover his memory and find a way out of that oppressive space.

This time Alexandre Aja has decided to join the tension which has always distinguished his horror films (High tension, The hills have eyes, Crawl – Trapped) to a science fiction background particularly intriguing. The screenplay is by Christie LeBlanc, while the production is by Aja himself along with his longtime partner Gregory Levasseur. In the cast we will also find Mathieu Amalric (also seen in the recent Sound of metal, competing for the 2021 Oscars), Malik Zidi (Rebellion – An act of war), Marc Saez, Eric Herson-Macarel and Cathy Cerda. However, it will be Mélanie Laurent who will prove all her skill: it is she who will have to handle the entire film practically alone.

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