PlayStation: British marketing award for Sony

Sony wins a PlayStation marketing award on London soil: the London Underground in PS5 sauce conquers Campaign magazine

The launch of PS5 caught the British territory like a bolt from the blue, but the second lockdown did not stop the brand PlayStation, in a marketing campaign that was worth a Sony a prize. The periodical awarded this recognition Campaign, who praised the audacity of an initiative with a high potential for failure with the emptying of the city concerned. London in fact found much less comings and goings than usual, but fortunately the virality of the images offered by Sony prevailed and creativity was rewarded. In times of a pandemic, this means a lot!

Pimp my (Underground) laughs: how PlayStation and Sony won the marketing campaign

The London Underground, or London Underground, boasts one of the most iconic signs in the world, which by pure chance is identical to the circle PlayStation buttons; Sony didn’t think twice and made some creative changes to the London signs for the marketing campaign. You can see the result below: although now our travels may only be mental, the viral impact was not long in coming. Over 34,000 Twitter profiles have brought the suggestive and curious new signs around the world, making cobalt-colored consoles win the bizarre bet.

PlayStation: British marketing award for Sony

Not content with the Oxford Circus signs alone, Sony wanted to go much further. London’s public transport system has been happy to cooperate, allowing the Japanese console manufacturer to change station names in its own way. For a short time, therefore, the Ratchet & Clank franchise gave a Lancaster Gate the new name of Ratchet & Clankaster Gate. Other changes were more subtle, like a simple “s” that honored Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales by changing Mile End in Miles End. An example like any other of the almost infallible love between Sony and the UK.

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