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Paid Facebook and Instagram, warnings are arriving to choose

Facebook and Instagram, both owned by Meta, are showing some paid subscription alerts, a historic change for the world of social media, resulting from the new European regulations. This subscription gives users the opportunity to access services without the presence of advertising and with the absolute protection of their data. Alternatively, users can choose to continue using social media for free, receiving targeted advertising.

Paid Instagram and Facebook, notices arrive for the choice

Meta has introduced the possibility of choice via a startup screen. This notice, with the title “Do you want to subscribe or continue to use our Products at no additional cost with adverts?”, allows you to choose two options.

The information screen indicates a change in policies regarding the use of personal information for advertising. The user can choose to use the services at no additional cost and therefore with the presence of ads. Or subscribe to completely eliminate the display of advertisements on both platforms.

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The cost of the subscription amounts to 9.99 euros per month on the web it’s at 12.99 euros per month on iOS and Android apps for those who wish to use the services without the presence of advertisements. However, the exchange may incur an additional cost in the case of account multipli. In fact, since 1st March an additional payment of will be required 8 euros for each additional account present in the Account Management Center.

There is, however, the option to cancel your subscription at any time. Once it expires, users will return to seeing ads while using Facebook and Instagram.

Currently, the notice has mainly appeared on mobile devices, as reported by Hardware Upgrade. Meta chose to give this possibility after the European Union imposed various limits on advertising on social platforms. In the notice, Meta underlines “Laws are changing in your geographic area” before offering the subscription. It remains to be seen whether the European Guarantors will appreciate this effort.

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