Palworld’s success continues: 6 million copies sold in four days

Il successo di Palworld continua: 6 milioni di copie vendute in quattro giorni thumbnail

Palworld, the survival game “inspired” by Pokémon, continues to set sales records, despite the opening of early access only four days ago. The team of Pocketpairthe game’s developer, has announced that they are 6 million copies sold since its launch. Furthermore, the game has also seen a new peak in concurrent players, with well 1.7 million users connected online.

Palworld, new sales record: 6 million in four days

The success was announced by the team on Pocketpair’s social channels (via Multiplayer), who expressed gratitude to the players for their support. And announced continued work to release targeted updates to fix bugs and address issues reported by the community.

The spike in concurrent players involves all versions of Palworld available on the market, including Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows Store PC and Steam. An interesting fact, given that previously the record was only achieved by Steam (with 1.5 million concurrent players).

However, the game has not been immune to criticism, particularly regarding the character designs that would look very similar to Pokémon. Despite accusations of plagiarism, Takuro MizobePocketpair’s CEO, rejected such criticism, declaring that the company “has no intention of infringing the intellectual property of other companies.”

However, combining the elements of a survivor game with Pokémon-like creatures seems to have been successful: all gamers want to try fighting in Palworld. Or at least, everyone wants to try it. To understand if the game can transform from a momentary phenomenon to a lasting successwe should see how the team led by Takuro Mizobe will be able to keep this universe fresh and fun.

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