Panasonic ES-EY90: un epilatore che svolge bene il suo lavoro thumbnail

Panasonic ES-EY90: an epilator that does its job well

Epilation has gained popularity in recent years due to its many advantages over other hair removal techniques such as shaving, waxing or depilatory cream. It is a modern and effective technique for removing hair from the body, thanks to its ease of use and its efficiency, which allows hair to be removed by capturing it from the root with a rotation mechanism. In this article we will talk about a very interesting device that Panasonic has dedicated precisely to personal care, i.e. theES-EY90 epilatorand we will explore the benefits of epilation and how to get the most benefit from this hair removal technique.

The Panasonic ES-EY90 epilator is a multifunctional hair removal device that comes with different accessories to help remove hair from different areas of the body, even the most delicate ones. This epilator has been designed to provide a quick and painless hair removal experience, with its dual head technology, large double discs with 60 tweezers that help capture more hair up to 0.5mm, and its Wet&Dry function, which allows you to use it both in the shower and on dry skin.

One of the distinctive features of the ES-EY90 is its double rotation head, which allows you to catch the shortest hairs and remove them easily by the root. In addition, the device is equipped with an LED light system that helps identify the thinnest and most elusive hairs.

Panasonic ES-EY90 – our review of the epilator

Panasonic ES-EY90

This epilator has been designed to be easy to use, comfortable to hold and versatile, with a comfortable grip and a 90° swivel head for much faster epilation, even in sensitive areas such as the bikini line and underarms.

But let’s analyze the components: inside the package we find the epilator, which in its main composition is defined by a removable depilatory head for arms and legs, a head release button, to be able to change the heads according to use and the need, an LED light, warning light mode, the on and off switch and the input for the socket.

In addition, in the package we find an underarm / bikini line head, a foot care head with a unique bowl shape, a trimmer / shaver head with bikini comb, a sonic scrub brush for body exfoliation, a hood for sensitive areas, an AC adapter (RE7-87), a cleaning brush and finally a soft case.

Components and accessories

During our use we were able to ascertain how much the structural characteristics of this epilator are extremely functional and useful in order to obtain the much hoped-for result, namely that of removing hair, even the thinnest ones. The ES-EY90’s head is wider than other epilators in its class, which means it can cover more skin in one stroke.

Surely the possibility of adjusting the speed with which this epilator is provided, i.e. three speed settings (Powerful / Normal / Delicate), is crucial both for personalizing the hair removal experience according to your needs, and for adapting to the different areas to be depilate (the lowest speed is suitable for the most delicate areas, while the highest speed is suitable for larger areas of the body), and for the final result, i.e. smooth and hair-free skin for a longer period.

Among the most interesting features of the Panasonic ES-EY90 epilator, and which we appreciated, is the flexible and rotating head, which allows it to adapt to the curves of the body; in addition, the head can be locked in place for greater precision when shaving. The pressure sensor is also super appreciated: the epilator has an LED light that allows you not to leave even a hair in hard-to-reach areas, and which flashes if necessary to warn you and help you adjust the pressure, if necessary. exercised too much, in order to obtain homogeneous results.

During use we were able to see how the epilator is able to remove even the shortest hairs, which means that it is not necessary to wait for the hairs to reach a certain length before shaving them.

A high-quality epilator that delivers long-lasting results

Panasonic ES-EY90

The exfoliating brush is very popular, a very useful accessory for skin care, equipped with soft but resistant bristles. The exfoliating brush is especially helpful for people who have dry or sensitive skin, as exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells that can cause dryness and irritation. Additionally, exfoliation can help eliminate impurities and may help prevent ingrown hairs. The exfoliating brush is easy to use: just apply it to the skin with gentle circular movements, avoiding sensitive areas such as the face and intimate areas. It’s important to remember not to use the exfoliating brush too frequently, as excessive exfoliation can damage your skin. It is recommended to use it once a week or at most twice a week, depending on your skin type.

One of the features we like most about this epilator is its ability to minimize the pain associated with hair removal. Many people avoid using epilation due to the pain associated with pulling out the hair. However, the ES-EY90 has been designed to significantly reduce the sensation of pain during the epilation process.

Of course, if you have never tried an epilator before, you have to take into consideration a minimum of annoyance with respect to the pinch it causes.

Panasonic ES-EY90: an epilator that does its job well

Yet, this epilator minimizes discomfort during use thanks to its heads, which are equipped with multiple tweezers to ensure effective hair removal in one stroke: this means that you can reduce the time it takes to complete the epilation , and thus reduce the overall duration of pain sensation. In addition, the tweezers of the epilator have been designed to remove hair from the root without tearing or damaging the surrounding skin, further reducing the sensation of pain.

Its rechargeable battery allows thirty minutes of operation, with a recharge time of one hour: it must be said that the running time of the epilator varies according to the temperature, but it is generally 30 minutes with a charge of one hour. ‘now (35 minutes with the gentle cap for arms and legs). What makes the Panasonic ES-EY90 truly special is its Wet & Dry technology. It can be used in the shower or in the bathroom, making it perfect for those who prefer wet hair removal or those who just want to save time in their beauty routine.

Our test of the Panasonic ES-EY90

Cleaning the epilator is also very easy: the head is removable, which means that it can be easily washed under running water. In addition, Wet & Dry technology makes the epilator easy to clean, ensuring a long product life, and a cleaning brush is supplied with the device to help remove hair stuck in the grooves.

But let’s get to the cost: the cost of the product, as reported by the official website, is 159.99 including VAT. It is a product whose cost is justified not only by the quality, starting from its ease of use, its efficiency, ease of cleaning and the effective ability to minimize pain, but also by the number of components with which it is equipped . In conclusion, if what you are looking for is a high-quality epilator that offers long-lasting results, the Panasonic ES-EY90 is the perfect choice.

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