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Panasonic OLED TV 2022: everything you need to know

I new OLED TVs from Panasonic they are arriving. There gamma 2022 in fact it should land in stores in September, bringing with it a series of interesting news, from the new LG Display OLED EX panels to the heatsink, passing through a series of very interesting audio features.
But let’s go in order and find out what the new Smart TVs of the Japanese giant have to offer.

Panasonic OLED TV 2022: what’s new?

As anticipated, newcomers rely almost entirely on panels LG Display OLED EX which boast greater stability and efficiency than the previous version. However, Panasonic’s OLED 2022 TVs will not all be the same: the series LZ2000 e LZ1500 they will be able to count on what the Japanese company calls “Master OLED Pro“, With a peak brightness of one thousand nits. Instead, we go down to 900 nits up LZ1000 of 800 nits at night LZ980.
Also noteworthy is the presence of a fifth series, the LZ800, which will be sold exclusively on Amazon and which will be extremely similar to the LZ980 series.

To accompany the new arrivals we also find the HCX Pro AI processorenhanced compared to the 2021 variant and now able to recognize content even faster, and a heat dissipation layer that guarantees better performance in terms of luminance.
The new models, all 4K UltraHD, also support HDR Dolby Vision IQ e HDR10+ Adaptiveanticipate the Filmmaker Fashion and the Netflix Calibrated Mode and use an RGB sensor to automatically adjust the temperature picture color.

Panasonic OLED TV 2022 audio

Great attention also to the audio sector, with a soundbar made in collaboration with Technics and based on a decidedly sophisticated system that allows you to direct the audio. In fact, you can decide to point the sound source towards a specific point in the room, allowing those around you to hear better or barely perceive the sound, thus giving them the space to do more without forcing you to turn off the TV.

Also excellent is the endowment of doors, with 4 HDMI on all seriesof which two in version 2.1 that support, among others, the VRR up to 120 Hz, perfect for pairing with the latest generation consoles.
Speaking of gaming, now you can take advantage of the Game Control Boardan interface that overlaps that of the video game and that helps you to change settings without leaving the screen.

Panasonic Game Control Board 1Game Control Board

As for the software, we have the My Home Screen 7.0, the latest version of Panasonic’s proprietary interface that allows you to use all major streaming services, including Disney + and AppleTV +.

What do we not know? Prices. For those we will probably have to wait for the arrival in stores in September but, to give you a rough indication, the 77 ″ version of the LZ2000 should cost less than € 5,000.

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