Più di 50 proiettori 4K di Panasonic per Frameless: un’enorme installazione artistica thumbnail

Panasonic: the new 4K projectors at the service of Frameless

The more than 30,000 square meters of Marble Arch in London become the setting for an unprecedented art installation. Thus it was born Framelesswhich will use more than 50 4K projectors made available by Panasonic for the UK’s largest digital immersive art experience. In addition to the images there will also be a strong sound component, thanks to 158 surround speakers positioned in the area.

The Frameless experience also includes mirrors, wraparound projectors and mirrored foils to give the effect of visual infinity. In fact, the installation includes the six sided projection to put visitors at the center of a virtual landscape. Furthermore, using semi-transparent screens in a dark room, it will be possible to recreate a real labyrinth of contents in which viewers can get lost.

The new 4K projectors from Panasonic at the service of Frameless

Prior to choosing Panasonic as a partner for the initiative, Frameless worked with the brand to optimize the experience, making the most of Panasonic’s 4K projector technology.

“The success of the project will depend on the quality of the immersive experience we have created,” he said Simon Kentish, Chief Technology Officer di Frameless. “Once we saw Panasonic 3-chip DLP projectors in action, we grasped their leading ability in image quality and reliability.”

The projectors RQ22K e RQ35K of Panasonic are able to reproduce 4K+ images at 20000-30500 lumens. All with uniform images both in terms of brightness and color performance. The result is that images can be blended seamlessly, avoiding distractions or imperfections that could disrupt the viewer’s immersive experience.

But there was another key requirement for the creators of Frameless. The projected images had to be easily captureable for video and photos for social platforms. A considerable challenge, welcomed by Panasonic.


“The ability for visitors to share images and video of the spectacular projected art on social media has been an important element in terms of marketing,” explained Simon. “Many of the projectors produced images that didn’t display properly when shot with mobile phones, but the images from the Panasonic projector looked even better on camera.”

Frameless also uses the series of projectors MZ16 from Panasonic, featuring long-lasting brightness and color performance a 10.000 lm (MZ10k), 13000 lm (MZ13k) e 16000 lm (MZ16k). This 3LCD technology provides HD quality images. They also offer a very high level of reliability. This is ensured by the liquid cooled laser diodes and sealed phosphor wheel which guards against dust ingress to provide long lasting brightness.

Frameless G1 29 9 22 ©Antonio Pagano 9202a Copy


In total Frameless uses over 50 Panasonic projectors, for a total of 479 million pixels and 1 million lumens of brightness.

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