Panda Security explains how to defend yourself against cyber attacks in FIFA 23

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World Cup and Milan Games Week: video game football has never been as trendy as it is these days. However, we must be careful, because the attacks on FIFA 23 do not come only from the flanks, but are also computerized. The experts of Panda Security in fact, they reveal that the success of the gaming sector has fatally attracted the interest of various groups of cybercriminals.

A new trend – the experts report – concerns what are called leaks, that is to say confidential information leaked on the web. Often these refer to products that have not yet been released. A striking example, in the world of video games, is a recent leak involving the highly anticipated GTA VI by Rockstar Games. The leak of information has led to the release of more than 90 videos of a version under development of the new chapter of Grand Theft Auto.

In September, however, it was the turn of FIFA 23, which shortly before the official release was the victim of a cyber attack.

“This shows that cybercriminals focus their efforts on attacks targeting private users and businesses, based on their interests. And that they use highly developed mechanisms to infiltrate the networks of large companies, causing them damage worth millions of euros almost effortlessly,” he explains. Herve LambertGlobal Consumer Operations Manager di Panda Security.

FIFA 23 Cyber ​​Attacks: Beware of FUT Coins

Among the targets of cybercriminals on FIFA there are certainly FUT (Fifa Ultimate Team) players, the game mode in which users can buy players (even legends) using real money through microtransactions. A real market that involves money and which obviously attracts the interest of online scammers.

Panda Security recommends making all transactions only pages verified by EA Sports e Don’t click on ads that offer FUT Coins at extremely low or unrealistic prices. “Especially when these items are offered on social media or on third-party pages where the seller asks for an advance payment,” explains Panda Security’s IT security expert. Plus, there’s the added risk of the scammer asking not just money, but also confidential information or data about personal EA Accounts.

Panda Security’s advice: here’s how to defend yourself

Panda Security’s recommendations are essentially 7:

  • Enable 2-Step Verification: 2FA verification is a key security tool to thwart most credential thefts. For maximum security, it is advisable to set the second step on a different device than the login one
  • Install a light and powerful antivirus: by installing an antivirus you will be able to guarantee protection from any online threats while continuing to play and without committing an excessive amount of bandwidth.
  • Use a password manager: this tool allows you to diversify and manage your login data in a secure way so as to access the different platforms and video games. A password manager processes new complex passwords, updates and saves them so as to maximize the security of access credentials for each type of service.
  • Beware of online “friends”: often other user or player profiles in video game chats request personal data or share links, offers, promotions. You should not trust profiles whose identity and intentions are not known. Never share your info online with strangers.
  • Don’t associate your credit card with your game account: it’s clearly inconvenient and boring to have to enter data every time, but at least you’ll be sure that if a criminal were to hack your server or account, he won’t be able to use the data for any payment.
  • Check your account activity often and report it to customer support if necessary
  • Download games and mods only from official stores and sites: pirated platforms are the first channels for the spread of malware, spyware and keyloggers.
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