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Passion flowers: the best apps to recognize them

Recognizing plants and flowers is not always easy. Today, however, it is much more immediate to find an answer when you do not know what flower you are in front of, thanks to applications for mobile devices.

In addition to the ability to buy a bouquet of flowers online, technology also offers the opportunity to being able to easily find which plant is in front of you. When botanical knowledge is limited, but you have a great passion for flowers and plants, apps are the ideal answer. Often, for example, when you walk or stroll in a private or public garden and see flowers, you cannot immediately recognize them. To be able to give an answer and understand which plant it is, technology can now be used. Just a smartphone and the answer comes easily.

The best apps to discover flowers

There are lots of apps that allow you to discover flowers and do it immediately. First of all, you can choose to use different applications that work with the help of internet connectivity, the camera and also with the ability to access naturalistic photographic databases. Nature lovers use these systems by working to have the answer to their doubts immediately.

One of better apps in this respect it is Planet. It is a free App available on both Android and iOS, which allows you to recognize plants easily. The app was created by some French research centers. Just frame the flower or leaf to take the photo and after a few seconds, there is a comparison with its internal database to understand what flower or what plant it is.

The same goes for the Garden answer mobile application. It is ideal above all, for the garden flowers. In fact, it is no coincidence that this application is used above all by those who love gardening. The application is available only in English and is available for free, both on Android and iOS.

Technology and flowers, the new couple

By now, it is an indissoluble link between technology and flowers. There is the possibility to send flowers to any part of the world with just one click. Solutions such as Floraqueen Italia, in fact, allow you to choose the flowers you want to see in any place you want. However, there is also the opportunity to understand which flowers are in front of you simply, with the help of a smartphone an innovative solution.

In addition to the applications that help in this sense, there are also others such as Leaf Snap. Let’s talk about a free application available only for iPhone and iPad. An image recognition software that can immediately understand which plant is in front of you and solve any kind of botanical doubt. In addition to those mentioned, there are also many applications such as, for example, Flower Checker or Picture This that are able to meet the same needs and represent a true jewel of the technique for become more and more experts in the world of flowers.

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