Pay4Talents, Talent Garden invests in digital training

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Talent Garden presents the pilot project Pay4Talents, which makes digital training more democratic. In fact, students can immediately obtain training in the field of coding and of cybersecurity they need, and then pay when they start working.

Talent Garden democratizes digital education with Pay4Talents

Talent Garden has formed more than 5,000 talents trained in over 12 European countries with 98% job placement. It boasts a strong partnership with 200 companies and trains over 20,000 managers every year. But he wants to launch a pilot project to help the new generations as well.

With the’Income Share Agreement made available by Talents Venturestudents and female students can enroll in courses of Coding e Cyber Security. They pay nothing immediately. Instead, they only start paying after they start working. They will pay a percentage of approximately 12% of the income, calculated on the annual gross received. The repayment period 56 months, at the end of which the contract will be considered honored, regardless of the amount reimbursed. A real bet on the fact that they will find work, thanks to the training received.

Davide Dattoli Founder and Executive President of Talent Garden, comments: “We want to make training on Coding and Cybersecurity accessible to anyone where we have thousands of open job positions in Italy and where companies they do not find suitable candidates “.

Davide Dattoli, Founder and President of Talent Garden

The economic aspect can limit future talents. “This is why we have decided to experiment with the I models in Italy as wellncome Sharing Agreements, very popular in the US, where the candidate pays a percentage of his paycheck only if and when he finds work ”.

A bet on the future

The President of Talent Garden then underlines that this bet makes it possible to overcome obstacles and focus on the talents of tomorrow. “There can be no obstacles to passion and the desire for knowledge, especially in a world where continuous training on digital skills is required to remain competitive on the job market. For this we are particularly happy to contribute to spreading new financing models for training “.

You can read more directly online on the page dedicated to the Coding course of Italian Tech Academy and Cyber ​​Security of Talent Garden. To access you will need to pass the selection of Talents Venture, passing interviews and tests. They will also have to pay 500 euros as a deposit which will be returned at the end of the course.

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