PayPal, even in Italy payments arrive in three installments

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Also in Italy PayPal introduce i payments in three installments, by deferring the payment of figures up to 2,000 euros. The amount can be paid in installments on a monthly basis, with the possibility of anticipating the end of the service by paying everything in advance if needed.

PayPal, payments arrive in three installments also in Italy

The buy-now-pay-later model is becoming increasingly popular, not only for credit cards but for online purchases of all kinds. After buying in September Paidy, the service that in Japan dominate the online payment installment market, PayPal brings the service to Italy.

Using it becomes simple. The feature is activated for payments with amount between 30 and 2,000 euros, of any nature. The first installment will be paid upon check-out. Exactly one month later, the second installment is paid and a third one after another month. There are no default charges.

In case the customer wants to close the payment in advance, he can simply do it within the app by paying all the remainder due. For the rest, the usual PayPal features. For example, you can exercise the right of withdrawal also on this type of payment.

The service becomes accessible for all residents in Italy of age, without any extra limitations. Just choose the installment at the time of check-out. A really simple solution, which can help customers of the online payment service to defer by avoiding postponing a purchase when they have liquidity problems. Which is added to the new functions that the online payments giant is bringing to our country, which are increasingly and better integrated.

You can find more information on the official PayPal website.