PayPal says no to free returns for users

PayPal dice stop ai resi gratuiti thumbnail

PayPal announced the end of one of the most popular services available to users: the possibility of obtaining reimbursement of costs for returns. The company has not disclosed the detailed reasons for this choice, which could be closely linked to the unsustainability of the expense that PayPal has to face to guarantee customer service. The last day to take advantage of free returns, thanks to the reimbursement of expenses, is set for the next one 27 of Novembere.

PayPal says goodbye to reimbursement of return costs for users

There are, therefore, still two months to take advantage of the service. From the end of November, it will no longer be possible to benefit from free returns by taking advantage of the payment via PayPal. The service, much appreciated by many users, allows the user to avoid having to deal with the costs of returning a product if it was purchased through PayPal.

On its official website, a few hours ago, the company motivated the choice to stop the possibility for users to benefit from free returns for the following reasons: “PayPal continuously updates and develops new features for its customers. Sometimes some services need to be phased out as part of these larger changes. We know how much free returns will be missed by our users. However, it should be remembered that we offer other ways to help consumers, such as Purchase Protection “