PayPal will allow you to make payments in installments for up to 24 months

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The payment service of PayPal that will make available i payments in installments up to 24 months. The new service, called Pay Monthly, will initially be available in the US but should arrive in other markets in the future. When paying, PayPal users can choose to pay monthly instead of in one go. Here are the details:

With PayPal it will be possible to make payments in installments up to 24 months

The system defined by PayPal will allow, during the check-out phase, to choose the Pay monthly option for purchases from 199 dollars and up to a maximum of 10 thousand dollars. Users will be able to choose between 6, 12 and 24 months. A certain interest rate will be applied to the total amount. The purchase can be made directly with debit card and debit on current account. It will not be necessary to use a credit card.

PayPal’s installment payments service will start in the US and will extend to other markets in the future. We recall that, for several months, PayPal offers interest-free payments in 3 installments even in Italy. This new service further enriches the payment options for users who will be able to defer payments even more easily.

More details on the launch of this service in Italy will arrive over the next few weeks.

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