Permanent ban on Twitter for those who impersonate (also) Elon Musk

Ban permanente su Twitter per chi impersona (anche) Elon Musk thumbnail

Elon Musk has announced a permanent ban from Twitter for all those who impersonate another user: including those who pretend Elon Musk. Users who want to pretend to be someone else will need to specify that it is parody in the description.

Twitter: permanent ban for those who play Elon Musk

Just a few days ago Musk had tweeted “Comedy becomes legal on Twitter “. But he must respect the rules of the new patron of the social, apparently. In fact, after several users in recent days have changed their name to Elon Musk, comes the threat of permanent ban.

A good part of the users who had taken the name of Musk did so to point out how, now that it is enough to pay for a verified account, everyone could pretend to be the new CEO of Twitter. But now comes the ban for those who do not specify that it is a parody. “We used to give a warning, but now that we’re rolling out certifications to everyone, there will be no more warnings “.

This decision comes before the formation of the moderation council promised by Musk. And it seems to come directly from Musk, also because the policy in the user agreement have not been changed in any way.

Many commentators see this stance as a direct response to criticism of paid certifications, which will allow everyone to pay for a “blue check”. However, the fact that the rules in Twitter’s terms of service have not changed and the fact that there is still no advice for moderation give the idea of ​​a decision made quickly.

But above all, of a unilateral decision by Musk. That after having praised the “rediscovery of freedom” of Twitter, is forced to threaten permanent bans. Knowing that, for better or for worse, any responsibility for the future of the company will fall directly on him, at least at the media level. What do you think about it? Did Musk make the right choice? Let us know in the comments.