The Oregon Trail in arrivo su PC e Nintendo Switch thumbnail

The Oregon Trail in arrivo su PC e Nintendo Switch

Gamelofta leader in game development and distribution, in partnership with HarperCollins Productionsannounces that The Oregon Trailwill soon be available on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

Initially released for Apple Arcade in April 2022, The Oregon Trail was the most downloaded Apple Arcade game of the year. Now, PC gamers and Nintendo Switch owners will be able to enjoy this modern interpretation, available since November 14, 2022. Below is further information.

The Oregon Trail arriva su Switch e PC

In The Oregon Trailthe players will be the protagonists of a journey to the West. Their task will be to organize the wagons, choose the travel team and complete the race to Oregon in total safety, making difficult choices in borderline situations. Players will also learn the true story behind the trafficking, starting from the experience of the Native Americans.

According to what has been revealed, the version available on PC and Switch coming in November will be a faithful fit of the version released on Apple Arcade. The new version coming includes all five previous updates beyond new features including a number greater than accessibility options and a series of video filters to see the game in a completely new way.

If you wish, you can already add the title to yours wishlist on Steam. Starting from today it will also be possible to book it on Microsoft Store. David MacMinn, Game Manager of the title, said:

“We are really excited that even more players can experience The Oregon Trail. We are delighted to see our game expand to new new platforms and hope that PC and Nintendo gamers enjoy this journey as much as we do. “

Caroline Fraser, Head of HarperCollins Productions, ha invece affermato:

“The gameplay in our new version of The Oregon Trail has proven to be as fun and current as it was in the 1990s. The stunning graphics will entice players as they travel west and face new dangers, grappling with a large cast of historical characters and challenging obstacles to overcome on their way to Oregon. ”

For further information you can consult the Steam official page.

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