Personalized USB sticks: good reasons to choose them as a promotional gadget

USB sticks, which over the last few years have become a successful classic. Let’s find out some good reasons to choose them as a promotional gadget

Search for a personalized gadget effective is a more difficult task than one can imagine, also because the assortment of proposals to choose from is really wide. Of course, USB sticks deserve to be taken into consideration, as they have become a successful classic over the last few years. Obviously their usefulness is not in question: we are talking about functional accessories for one very large audience. Memory devices are intended to be used every day, or almost every day, not only in professional contexts but also for private purposes. One of their most significant advantages consists in the minimum size that characterizes them.

The advantages offered by USB sticks

the keysmoreover, they can be considered low-cost gadgets, which therefore require companies to make a minimum investment. Yet, they are able to optimally highlight the hitech characteristics of any company. Plus, USBs can follow people anywhere and anytime of theirs everyday life: they are always ready to use, whether they are on your desk, in your wallet, in your pocket, inside a backpack, attached to your belt as if it were a key ring, and so on. For this reason, the corporate brand is destined to remain under the eyes of the owner at all times.

A fashion that is always current

It is no exaggeration to define USB sticks as accessories that they never go out of style: it is really difficult to do without these devices, which appear as real portable hard drives, of reduced size and low weight. The advantages that characterize USB are many: they are easy to use, intuitive and manageable; Plus, they help you effectively manage your documents at work and personal files in your free time. Saving and transferring a contract or simple photos is child’s play if you have USB sticks available.

The benefits offered by promotional gadgets

Even if the era we are in is digital in all respects, this does not mean that the corporate gadgets are no longer useful and effective. On the contrary, they continue to retain important potential, and deserve to be used alongside the classic web marketing strategies. The advice is to continue to rely on these accessories, since the distribution of free objects, if strategic and cared for in every detail, affects strings different from those touched by the world of the web or by social network.

La brand awareness

With the guaranteed help of promotional gadgets, businesses of all sizes can enjoy one brand awareness positive and destined to last a long time over time. To have a practical demonstration, just think of the various gadgets that are in the car or office, at home or in any other environment. Often these objects remain under the eyes of people even for years: there is no other advertising message that is able to last that long. An aspect that cannot be underestimated, then, is that relating to low price of all these promotional items, especially when compared to the return of investment which can be benefited both in the short term and in the long term. Still, the distribution of personalized gadgets activates a real one psychological mechanism in the recipients, who in a certain sense feel obliged to repay the favor to the companies that have offered them a gift.

Many rewarding factors

If USB sticks have obvious advantages, it is also worth thinking about the hypothesis of combining them with other gadgets, such as promotional shoppers, notepads or fountain pens. Each gadget has specific peculiarities: there are those intended to be used every day and those that provide a very large printing surface, such as to guarantee the maximum visibility to logos and printed writings. The choice of the right gadget must also be weighted according to the characteristics of the target you intend to conquer, and therefore of the target audience.

Who to contact to get customized USB sticks

Companies wishing to launch communication campaigns based also on the diffusion of USB sticks to be offered as a gift can contact Print, an all-Italian company specialized in the field of personalized gadgets. Quality is the starting point for Stampasi’s modus operandi, which boasts a much more complete and heterogeneous virtual catalog than the paper one, as demonstrated by the more than 6 thousand articles uploaded. The online experience of the company started in 2007, and after almost fifteen years, the Stampasi brand has spread and made itself known in the sector of customized products thanks to innovation and professionalism.