Petal Maps: The Red Dot Award goes to Huawei’s navigation app

Petal Maps vince il Red Dot Award thumbnail

Huawei announces that its navigation app Petal Maps won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award, thanks to the simple and intuitive interface. Recognition comes at the best of times: Huawei has prepared an update that enriches and enhances the award-winning experience with new features.

Petal Maps di Huawei vince il Red Dot Award

Launched last October, Huawei has already updated Petal Maps nine times. Each new development has improved functionality and made the experience more intuitive, so much so that the international jury of the Red Dot Design Award has been awarded the long-awaited recognition. As he explains Piergiorgio Furcas, Deputy General Manager Huawei CBG Italia: “We are honored to announce the award won at the Red Dot Design Award for Petal Maps. Being such a prestigious award, it is an important testament to the hard work the Huawei team went through to make our navigation app a success. ”

But the improvements don’t stop: today a new update improves the functionality of the navigation app even further. “The latest update of Petal Maps, thanks to its exciting new features, has undoubtedly made this travel tool better for our consumers. new personalized route planning and 14 more languages now available, it further supports our millions of consumers around the world ”.

Among the new features are custom settings for the route, including shortest distance, shortest time, no tolls, preferred mode of transport and smart travel recommendations. Also you can add up to eight destinations, making travel planning more flexible. It also enhances the viewing experience, with the sky simulation adapting. Finally, there are 14 new languages, in addition to the 26 already supported.

Petal Maps is available for all Android smartphones, on Google Play e AppGallery.

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