New Dolmen gameplay available

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During the Gamescom 2021, Prime Matter and Massive Work Studio have published two new Dolmen trailers: a gameplay is one story trailer. Dolmen is the new third person action RPG set in a cosmic horror sci-fi universe. The game is scheduled for release in 2022 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, X Box Series X | S and PC.

The new Dolmen trailers

Dolmen, Prime Matter’s new third-person action RPG, is set in a science fiction universe where humanity has colonized several star systems. To do this he used the space travel technology and the genetic manipulation to adapt to conditions.

The Review system it is far from the main inhabited area of ​​the galaxy but has attracted the attention of Zoan Corp. for emitting different radiation from other systems, suggesting the existence of other universes. There is only one planet in this system, called Revion Prime.

Before the events took place, there was no evidence of the existence of other dimensions. The scientific and military interest behind this discovery could destabilize the existing political balance but, above all, the research on Revion Prime has also revealed the existence of a alien species called Vahani.

Their job is to roam the universes helping other species to evolve. Their interests are obscure and it remains to be seen whether the creation of xenospecies she may have been influenced by them. The player must discover the secrets of Revion Prime and the Dolmen crystals.

To conclude, we remind you that the title will be available in 2022 su PC tramite Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X e Series. Lo story trailer it is instead available on the official YouTube channel.

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