PGNats League of Legends: Intel e Predator partner del torneo

The prestigious PGNats League of Legends tournament is upon us and Predator together with Intel proposes itself as an official partner

Predator announces its participation with Intel as a Tech Partner in thesummer edition of the PG Nationals League of Legends 2021 national tournament. Also on this occasion Predator is a technological partner with the powerful devices made available to the 8 best export teams in the peninsula. The tournamentsor it will end with the finals on August 7th and will guarantee the winners two exclusive places to the 2021 European Masters.

PGNats League of Legends: Intel e Predator partner del torneo

Predator e Intel partner di PGNats League of Legends

Tiziana Ena – PBU & Marketing Manager Acer Italy – says

Our products are the best allies for League of Legends professionals. They are powerful, innovative and cutting edge, ideal for making the game extremely addicting and engaging.

Enthusiasts are welcome to follow the competition on Wednesdays and Thursdays on the official Twitch channel while all the latest news and highlights of the competitions will be shared on Predator Italia’s social channels (@PredatorGamingIT, @predatorgamingit). That’s all from the hardware section, keep following us!

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