Phil Spencer fears Amazon and Facebook in the gaming field

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Recently the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, claimed to be worried the presence of technology giants such as Google, Amazon and Facebook. For what reason? Let’s find out together.

Phil Spencer, CEO di Xbox, teme Amazon e Facebook

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal about the recent acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Spencer described the current competitors of Xbox – including Sony, Nintendo and Valve – like “Unlikely to upset the industry“. The Xbox CEO later revealed that he is more concerned about the large tech companies.

The CEO trusts companies like Nintendo, Sony e Valve. However, he begins to fear other big tech giants such as Facebook ed Amazon. On the subject, Spencer stated:

Nintendo won’t do anything that damages the game in the long run, because that’s their business. Same goes for Sony, I trust them. For Valve, the story is the same. But when I look at Microsoft’s other big tech competitors, I worry: Google has search and Chrome, Amazon has shopping, Facebook has social, all large-scale consumer businesses.

Long story short, Phil Spencer is primarily concerned that these three companies have not experience in the world of gaming. He trusts Sony and the other whys they are experts in the sector and they know what they are doing. Moreover they never dented the gaming industry in a negative way.

Companies like Amazon or even Facebook, on the other hand, have other goals for the head and it certainly isn’t video games. If you remember, Google’s only attempt at gaming was Google Stadia which, however, did not achieve the hoped-for success. Amazon has also attempted to launch into the gaming field with New World but even here things are not going very well.

Facebook, the current Meta, is instead a social media that is trying the leap into the metaverse. Regarding this, however, the company has not yet offered concrete premises. But the fact that Google, Amazon and Facebook all own those services on a long scale allows them to reasily add a huge number of consumers. This, specifically, is plaguing the Xbox CEO.

Phil Spencer, however, concluded by declaring that Microsoft could be inspired and take a cue from these tactics. We don’t know what he was specifically referring to, so we just have to wait and see how the company decides to act.

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